10 Hidden Gems of Australia

With thousands of square miles of uninhabited terrain, Australia is a land of hidden gems. Leave the crowds and tourist traps behind and explore the hidden beauty of this unique and mysterious country.

Kings canyonKings Canyon

Deep in the northern territory, Kings Canyon is the more ‘outback’ alternative to Ayers Rock, giving a less touristy experience. The canyon offers far more than awe-inspiring views, playing host to rock-climbing walls and a number of naturally formed lagoons in which guests are more than welcome to have a dip. The King’s Canyon Resort makes for a convenient base to explore the area.

Douglas Aspley National Park

Possibly the most beautiful swimming hole in Tasmania, Douglas Aspley benefits from picturesque waterfalls and clear lagoons. The park also plays host to a number of scenic walks including the three-day Leaberra Track, stretching from the Chain of Lagoons to the quiet ocean-side town of Bicheno.

English: Elephant Rocks in William Bay Nationa...Arnham Land

The Aboriginal communities on the Arnham Land islands offer an insight into the history of Australia, seldom seen by tourists or even by Australians. You will be required to get a permit to camp on the lands, but you are guaranteed a warm welcome by the native people. The unspoiled land offers incredible views from each of the islands.

William Bay National Park

With an incredible selection of sheltered pools and rocky shores; William Bay National Park offers a unique experience south of Perth. The pools are perfect for a relaxing swim thanks to the surrounding rounded rocks which protect the area from the onslaught of the sea.


About 9 hours north of Perth is Esperance, arguably Australia’s most stunning beach. With great stretches of unspoiled sands and deep turquoise waters; Esperance offers a small slice of paradise. The difficulty of reaching the area ensures it is quiet, lending the area an exclusive and peaceful feel. As well as the beaches, Esperance offers walking trails and boat access to the Recherche Archipelago, 100 islands including Woody which is also a wildlife sanctuary.

Two People’s Bay

Accessible only by off-terrain vehicles or chartered boat, Two People’s Bay is the perfect place to escape the crowds. With two small, secluded beaches protected from the mainland by Mount Gardiner, the bay offers an incredible level of privacy. The bay also offers visitors a chance to see one of the rarest animals in the world – the Gilbert’s Potoroo (sometimes unkindly called the rat-kangaroo).

Lady Musgrove Island

This uninhabited island offers natural, unspoiled and unparalleled access to the Great Barrier Reef. Providing a fantastic base for snorkelers who want to experience the beauty of the reef; Lady Musgrove Island is popular with the adventure-seekers in the know. Cruise1st offer a range of Great Barrier Reef tours.

Montague Island

If you are holidaying in Sydney and want to escape the crowds, a trip south to Montague Island is the perfect retreat. This wildlife refuge offers great access to rare and exotic marine wildlife as well as seemingly endless coastal scenery and a historical lighthouse which offers overnight accommodation. Guests are invited to help the refuge’s ecological efforts during their stay. Find out more about booking a stay here.

Coconut Island

With a name simply dripping with beads of paradise; Coconut Island is a beautifully secluded retreat. Roughly 60 miles north-east of the larger Thursday Island, Coconut Island is made up of white sand beaches, huge palm trees and underwater mazes. The island also plays host to a sea turtle hatchery and with less than 200 people on the island, a quiet visit is guaranteed.

Murrumbateman Wine Region

This small village plays host to more than 20 wineries as well as a growing number of cafes, restaurants and B&Bs. The region will not be a hidden gem for much long as its wine grows in popularity and more and more people are seeking the source. Make sure you visit before the impending crowds do.


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