15 Reasons to Visit Georgia Country

If you hear the name Georgia and think of one of the United States of America, it’s time to change that right now. Aside from 10 incredible places in Europe you may not know about , Georgia is one of those hidden gems to discover. When you visit this beautiful country, you will never forget it or confuse with any other place. So, if you already have a little sparkle of interest, here are 15 various reasons to visit Georgia.bridge-of-peace

  1. You might heard something about famous Georgian hospitality but you won’t fully understand its meaning until you are there. Enjoy people willingly showing you the right road, finding you a place to stay, treating you with the delicious home-made foods, inviting to join the tableful and so on even if you speak different languages. The whole idea of hospitality seems to be born here.
  2. Once the delicious national food was mentioned, it is worth saying that this is the main reason for many travellers to arrange a trip to Georgia. Soft khachapuri, juicy khinkali, spicy tkemali and refreshing Tarhun are only the most famous things you should try among dozens of other tasty dishes. Yamm!
  3. Breathtaking Georgian mountains will either calm your nerves and give the pleasant tranquillity or inspire for a good long hike up the winding mountainous roads. Either way, they won’t leave you indifferent.
  4. Seafront in Batumi is about 10 km long, and they rent bikes here and there for $2 per hour. There is so much to see during this ride!
  5. Warm Black Sea is another good reason to visit Western Georgia and Batumi in particular.
  6. Well, to tell the truth, Batumi itself is a great travel destination with numerous attractions for any interests. E.g. have you seen a ferry-wheel as a part of a skyscraper? Or two giant iron statues coming through each other?
  7. Whether you like carbonated mineral water or not, once you are in Georgia you somehow feel you have to drink Borjomi. It is well-known, sold everywhere and it’s a brand that attracts millions of tourists to Borjomi city.
  8. For some reason, Kutaisi is a city of surprises. One day, you simply decide to visit it on your way and the next day you want to stay there for longer because this city is far not that simple. Absolutely incredible colourful fountain in the downtown, cheap and delicious food in every place you go to, powerful river, several bridges, ancient dome, no flies and mosquitoes, etc. And when you think you’ve seen enough, in the middle of nowhere you unexpectedly find a great hostel called Kolga with a mother of agaves growing in the yard and Felix cat officially introduced as a co-worker. What else can this stunning place surprise with?martvili
  9. For nature admirers, there are scenic canyons in Georgia to visit. Try Martvili and Okatse.
  10. Driving in Georgia is absolutely unforgettable and incomparable to what you might be used to. At first, you think there are no traffic rules at all and feel everyone is insane but then you realise the way Georgians drive and may even miss this once back home.
  11. In addition, as you venture to drive in Georgia, be ready to meet livestock everywhere on the roads. Now you are warned.night-batumi
  12. Views from above are beautiful in many places, but in Georgia you’d want to see them as much as possible. Ferry wheels, cable ways, hills, mountains and canyons give you the right thrill all across the country.
  13. Cableway in Tbilisi especially deserves to be pointed out.
  14. The Bridge of Peace is another magnificent side of Georgian capital that you won’t be able to get enough of.
  15. Spirit of love and respect towards their native land is a charming feature of Georgians that you’ll notice practically everywhere.

Plan you trip well, get ready to get unforgettable impressions and go discover lovely Georgia.

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