A Great Time at The Brewers Area of London

Last summer vacation was the most memorable time in my life. I was invited to a friend’s wedding in London. As I had never been to London before, I was very happy. I decided why not go to the wedding and tour the area? I knew I had to have fun, Liverpool_Street_station_entrance_Bishopsgateso I packed my luggage and on the following day I was at the airport .We went to her house and had dinner. The wedding was spectacular and now I had three more days to return home. I decided to take a tour of London .I usually heard of the fascinating things that happened there and the sense of fashion that most citizens had toured and dance clubs were full of music most of which, luckily I knew and sang along.

After the wedding, most of the guest went back, but because I was the only special friend and best friend to her, she decided to accommodate for a few more night. The following day we woke up as usual and they decided that they were going to tour the nearby hotels for their honey moon. Alas! i gasped, I never knew a honey moon so cheap and localized. I asked myself, what the hell are these people thinking? Spending a honey moon just in the neighborhood? I thought to me that maybe they were too busy to travel and that they were going to re plan their honey moon.

My friend, told me to accompany her to the brewers area. And I thought .what? Brewer’s area? U mean it’s just a place where brew is made or why does it have such a name? She smiled and just ignored my question. We took a cab to 52 Chiswell Street we alighted and went to the Montcalm at brewery London city hotel. One thing I noticed about the area was the ambiance of the place, the people, the effortless elegance,

English: Sign outside the Barbican Arts Centre...spectacular luxury by looking at the furniture The modern comfort with traditional I immediately missed home and I knew that that was the place. I really understood why she chose the place. We decided to check and it had a honeymoon package for those who decided to go for their honeymoon there. It was really spectacular. We gave her lots of presents which she couldn’t carry

We then left after having confirmed of the pre booked the room; we decided to tour the brewer’s area. Located between the Barbican and Mooregate stations. There were a lot of things to feed my eyes on, the heritage of the people, the alle festival which was well attended by the locals and foreigners like me. There are also lots of events, pubs clubs and hotel. The thing that really caught my eyes was the London coffee festival.

Be sure to check out the Barbican center, Barbican is considered Europe’s largest conference venue, with a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and many creative learning events

In the evening, we had to go back and I had to cut my journey short just because my stay was over. Grrrrrrrrrrrh!. I couldn’t believe how time flew. Anyway east or west home is best. My wedding vacation has to be in the brewers London area .And the next time around I have to stay for a whole month and have fun.




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