A Long Awaited Journey To The States

A Long Awaited Journey To The States

Don’t Forget Your ESTA Application

The western front of the United States Capitol...    The day will soon be here, I told myself. I couldn’t hold myself in anymore. I could just feel the excitement bubbling inside of me. I crossed off each day on the calendar. I watched as I got closer and closer to that big red circle, the day I leave to the United States. This was my biggest dream. I couldn’t tell if this was real anymore. Was I really going to go to the United States? “Yes, yes you are” a little voice told me. That still seems so unreal to me, but I knew it was going to happen. I was already packed, I knew the key attractions in the United States, and I had received the map. I was set to go! I was so thrilled. I knew I was prepared, and I was not missing anything. This would definitely be the trip of my life! So many memories will be created. I will make new friends, meet new people and have fun. I imagined all those beautiful things actually occurring in real life. As I was day dreaming about this to-be-real life, I heard a knock on the door. “Who is it?”I wondered. “Thanks for disturbing my magical dream thoughts”.

     I opened the door and realized that it was my best friend! And when I say best friend, I mean best friend, since preschool. We knew each others secrets, told each other everything and did what best friends did! I didn’t want to leave her but I knew this trip to the States would be unforgettable. I was expecting her to say a speech about missing me and saying goodbye. However, to my surprise, she asked me if I filled out a very important form called the ESTA application. “That is odd. I haven’t even heard or seen this form”, I replied. “Are you sure I need this application?” I asked. She said I 100% for sure required it to travel to the United States. Soon, I became very anxious and scared for what else I was missing. This application was so important that I couldn’t believe that I could forget it. I had so much to do on this ESTA application. I was overwhelmed and drowned in information. I needed some help. I needed someone to help submit my application for me.

     For days, I was on the computer searching up companies to help me. However, not many appealed to me. Before I was out of time, I came across this excellent company with great reputation and a very promising service. I decided that this company was perfect and the one for me. They quickly and promptly helped me submit my application and helped me get approved to enter the United States. The process was simple and straightforward. I couldn’t thank that company enough. They saved me, literally. I couldn’t forget about what my best friend did either. I quickly ran to her house and thanked her a million times for telling me about the ESTA application. After, I felt calm again and worry and stress free. This company was definitely a life saver.



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