A Memorable Trip To Beijing

Beijing is an idyllic travel destination with more delights than a tourist can imagine. I realized this while on a trip to china and honestly, I will go back regularly. The city boasts everything from rare architectural displays to lavish manicured gardens that will make you want to stay forever.

English: The Confucius Temple of Beijing      My first priority was to find the best place to sleep every day of my trip. Being one who makes last minute arrangements just for the thrill of it, I decided to check out some options online. Luckily, for me, it is quite easy to find a comprehensive list of Cheap Hotels Beijing. I chose one close to the airport and made the bookings before sleeping in my comfortable bed looking forward to my big journey ahead.

The Forbidden City was a first choice for me because I wanted to see for myself the largest, best-preserved palatial complex. It contains 9,999 rooms, which according to legend, is just one short of divine perfection.

What would a trip to China be without seeing one of the world’s wonders-the Great Wall of China? The wall traverses five provinces and looks like a mythical giant dragon across the land. I have a great fear for heights and my knees could not allow me to climb but those who did came down with tales of panoramic views of the lands beyond.

I can spend a whole day sitting in a nice garden and Beijing did it right for me with the wealth of imperial gardens in its borders. The imperial

English: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing...

summer palace is a sprawling land of grandeur. It is home to Longevity Hill, and Kunming Lake with the area near the hill being most magnificent.

Chinese temples are popular around the world and there was no way I could go on without setting foot in one. My guide suggested the Temple of Confucius on Guozijian Street. I paid CNY 30 to enter and explore the courtyards as much as I liked. The hall of great accomplishment is where people came to pay homage to Confucius. The touch evil cypress is a 700yr. old artifact associated with legend. The story behind it is that a treacherous official had come to pay homage on the kings behalf only for his hat to be taken off by one of the tree branches. From that day, people believe that the tree can tell good and evil people apart. The most fascinating picture in this temple for me was the two dragons playing a pearl in the midst of clouds.

Beijing zoo was a splendid place to spend the last day of my trip. I was very impressed on seeing the giant panda, milu deer and the golden monkey. It was very late when I left the zoo and when I looked at the time over a meal outside; I knew I could not make it to my hotel before late night. As a visitor, I could not take the risk and walk the streets at night and so I took a cab to the Wangfujing Street in search for some good entertainment. The streets are lined with high-end stores and the traffic was blocked off to allow for fun. I joined some locals dancing and ate my fill of Chinese food from the local vendors. An amazing Hop, and I can not wait to go back again. as there is so much to see in one journey








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