A Perfect Setting For A Perfect Proposal

New Zealand is a great place to be in. It’s crisp weather and scenic beauty is attractive to tourists everywhere. The only way to reach this wonderful country is either by air or by sea. We chose the former option. I would have loved to travel by sea but we did not have the luxury of time. My girlfriend and I had been planning the trip for months and we were so glad when the day had finally arrived.

New Zealand did not disappoint us. Its sprawling scenery greeted us even before the plane touchdown the runway. Needless to say, I was excited! Very excited! The reason why? I had a plan… My girlfriend and I had been together for quite a few years now and I wanted to propose. What better way to propose than at one of the most beautiful, exotic locations in the world? It had been tough keeping everything a secret but I somehow managed to pull it off. Every once in a while my girlfriend would ask me if everything was alright. I just wrote everything off as excitement about our holiday and she swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

I had planned the surprise for the night. A number of phone calls to the concierge had been made to make sure that everything was perfect. I had a table arranged on the seaside. A meal was to be prepared to my specifications. I had even ordered the wine in advance. My girl loves red wine. In order to make the evening extra special, I had found some specials on wines available from Advintage (The concierge had suggested that I try the site). They had a great selection and some great wines in their specials. I even found my girlfriend’s favorite! The wine was delivered to the hotel and the concierge took care of the rest.

Wine Picnic As day turned to night I started getting nervous. I had already told my girlfriend that we were going to have a special dinner on the beach. She was excited! I went down to the concierge to find out if everything was ready and picked up the bouquet of roses that I had ordered. I think the whole hotel heard her excited shrieks as I opened the door to give her the flowers. I gave her my hand and led her down to the table that had been set up.

The rest is history. Everything went off just as planned. The food was exquisite, the ambiance was brilliant and the wine definitely set the right mood. I can’t tell you how happy and radiant my princess looked. The look of surprise on her face when I went down on one knee was worth all the planning. I never doubted that she would say yes, but it certainly was a relief to hear the words come out from her mouth.

Though the holiday in New Zealand was amazing, it was made extremely special by the fact that we were engaged. Life somehow seemed different. We felt more alive and more exuberant, and I had the sweetest and most beautiful woman on my arm.

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