A Relaxing London City Break

Being a travel blogger has its perks. It gives you permission to do what you love and gives you a chance to write about it too! Me? I just love sharing my passion with others! Another perk is sieving through all the data available on the internet and ultimately choosing one location to visit. It’s like being a judge at a beauty contest and picking the winner… Just in a different sort of way.

London nightAnyway, this time my girlfriend and I were a little tight for cash. Thus we were looking for cheap flights to Europe. Being in New Zealand made it a little more expensive to travel out of the country as the country is bordered by water on all sides. We don’t have the luxury of using any mode of transport that involves a route on land. That’s how we stumbled on the cheap flights to London that the House of Travel offered. It was perfect!

London is a city with a past. As we walked through its streets we were more and more overwhelmed at how the city took us back in time while still holding a link with the present. The bustling streets, the cobbled paths and the mix of different centuries of architecture is often all seen in a single glance. I have always been an avid reader and the stories I have read came to life as I passed by Big Ben and the London eye. It did not surprise me that so many authors choose to anchor their characters in London. London has so much to offer that it makes it the perfect setting for any book.

LondonBefore making our choice on a European destination, we got inspired to go to London based on all of the beautiful pictures that we had seen of the place. London certainly did not disappoint.

The London Bridge was as spectacular as the pictures depicted it. In fact my girlfriend claimed that it was even more beautiful when you saw it in person. I couldn’t argue with that! St Paul’s Cathedral and the Westminster Abbey both had their unique charm. We spent quite a long time admiring them. Our wanderings brought us up close with Buckingham Palace. It looked ancient and yet magnificent. We weren’t lucky enough to see the change of guards but I can imagine how it looks.

Tower LondonMy girlfriend insisted on seeing Madam Tussauds wax museum. I have to admit that I was curious. We spent a number of hours walking in the midst of life like statues and clicking snaps. It is a bit eerie how the snaps have such a realistic look! With most of the must see tourist attractions checked off our list we enjoyed our time just relaxing and enjoying the city. We spent many hours walking by the river banks and listening to the gentle ripple of water that occasionally reached our ears. That’s how we accidentally came across the Tower of London. We were certainly glad that we did. The heritage attached to this historical site is amazing and today it’s the resting spot for the crown jewels!

London turned out to be a beautiful experience. Even though most people think that it is a city with a lot of hustle and bustle, both my girlfriend and I had a relaxing experience. It just goes to prove that the pace of the crowd isn’t important… It’s your pace that counts!

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