A Visit To Pink Lakes Around The World

lake retbaEach day, a new play of nature intrigues me. It makes me marvel over the beauty of nature and its unique manifestations. The colorful display of a peacock’s feathers, the changing colors of a chameleon and the sudden withdrawing of the leaves of the touch me not plant surprise me equally. I love traveling as it lets me explore nature. I also have a special inclination for ornithology, not to be mistaken with birdwatching.
Last month as I was surfing the internet, I came across the images of Pink Lake. A lake that turned pink during certain seasons did sound unique to me. I had an instant urge to visit one of these nature’s wonders. There are pink lakes in many different nations around the world. The prominent ones are located in Australia, Senegal, Spain, Canada and Azerbaijan. I visited a few of these pink lakes and it was a Pink Lakefabulous experience.
How does the lake become pink?The pink lake is not pink all round the year. The alga Dunaliella salina present in the waters of these lakes are responsible for the color of the lake. The algae produces a red pigment that absorbs light. The color of the water changes when the salinity of the water increases and the temperature of the surrounding has also crossed a certain limit. The color of the water may also turn pink if there is an excess of brine prawn in the lake. Halobacterium may also be a cause of water turning pink.
Lake Hillier of Australia
Pink lakeThe Lake Hillier of Western Australia is a Salt Lake bounded by the South Coast Highway. It is a lake on Middle Island. You may mistake the rose pink shade of this pink lake for a milkshake. It is a great tourist attraction. The island has a great number of birds like the Banded Stilts and Hooded Plovers. I made sure I would visit this lake first. I enjoyed the trip. I even clicked a few pictures of the lush green vegetation and amazing birds over here.
Lake Retba of Senegal
Lake Retba of Senegal lies in Northwest Africa. It lies in the Cap Vert Peninsula of Senegal. Lake Retba is also called the Lac rose and literally translates to pink lake. The pink color is more distinct during the dry season. It is a major tourist attraction in Senegal. The lake has a very high Pink lake from skyconcentration of salt just like the Dead Sea. People can easily float in the waters of this lake. The trip to this place was exciting. People work seven hours a day to collect salt from the lake. I wonder how they manage that. Shea butter protects their skin from salt but still it appears to me like a Herculean task.
Other Pink Lakes
Spain has a few pink lakes that are very unusually located. They have salty sand beaches. Most of the pink lakes have the distinct color due to their high salt concentration. Canada also has a dusty pink lake that receives its distinct color due to glacial melting. I wish to visit these lakes soon so that my album on pink lakes is complete. So where is your NEXT HOP?

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