Activity Holidays Leave you More Refreshed than Beach Holidays

activity holidaysForget about spending long hours on the beach when you are looking for the ultimate refreshing getaway; a new study reveals that people going on active holidays find it easier to get back into the swing of things once they return.


That is the conclusion of a new survey carried out by SWISS, which questioned 2,000 Brits on the topic of their foreign breaks. The study found that a staggering 82 per cent of those questioned find it difficult to get back into their everyday routines after returning from their vacation. The average worker reckons it takes them around four days in the office until they feel as though they are fully recovered from their break. In the days immediately after returning from a holiday, 31 per cent admit that they take longer to complete tasks at work and 25 per cent say that they have forgotten to do a job altogether.Almost 10 per cent even end up missing important deadlines because their head is still in ‘relax’ mode.


More surprisingly, researchers discovered that whilst sitting on the beach, sipping cocktails and reading books sounds like a dream, these types of holidays are much harder to recover from. Another problem for those who like to take relaxing holidays is that they often enjoy too many late nights and over-indulge on exotic food and drinks, which leaves them more likely to oversleep or take longer to complete tasks at work when they get back.


On the other hand, those who opt for organised activity holidays that allow them to ski, snowboard, hike or dive often come home firing on all cylinders and ready to embrace the challenges they face in the UK. A fifth of people going on fun-packed vacations claim to be on top of things within just one day. Moreover, more than half of people who have gone on both active and lazy beach holidays admitted that they returned home more refreshed and less sluggish from a break which saw their days packed with activities.


“Sitting on a beach or alongside a pool for hours on end sounds like the most relaxing way to spend a holiday,” said Felix Rodel, Director of UK & Ireland at SWISS, who commissioned the research. “But while you may feel like you are recharging your batteries, it seems that you are more likely to get home feeling sluggish and lacking in energy.”


He added: “Dozing in the sunshine and chilling out all day can have an effect on your body clock so although you come back from a holiday expecting to feel better for it, it can be a real struggle for a few days as your body gets used to your daily routine again.”

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