Amsterdam Tourist Guide

Amsterdam, the capital city of The Netherlands, is a must see city with lots of history and culture. Well known for their canals, bikes and shopping Amsterdam has a population of over 779, 000 and originated as a small fishing village; it is also one of the top financial centres in Europe. You can visit Amsterdam all year round and it is a major tourist location. In the summer months, July and August are the warmest months, with highs of 22 ͦCand in the winter months, January and February are the coldest with lows of around -1 ͦC.

AmsterdamActivities and Excursions

When visiting Amsterdam you must make the most of your experience by doing all that you can when you are there. You can go on excursions, taking a canal tour through Amsterdam or get on a bus to tour the traditional villages. You can also take a trip to Amsterdam’s many beaches. Whether you’re after a relaxing day lounging in the sun or a stroll in the autumn along the coastline, Amsterdam has it all. A great way of getting around Amsterdam is to cycle. It is a practical yet fun way to get around and you can hire bikes almost anywhere. Day rates for the bikes usually cost around 8 Euros and some companies offer guided tours and trips around Amsterdam.

Eating and Drinking

Amsterdam offers a huge range of culinary choices with everything any hungry tourist would crave. In the summer months you can cool down at some of the best ice cream shops offering ice cream and frozen yoghurt. If you fancy a home cooked meal without the hassle of doing any of the preparation or clearing up, then try Living Room Dining; A swiftly growing trend in Amsterdam where you can join other diners for a traditional Dutch meal or international cuisine. If you want to splash the cash for a Michelin-Rated restaurant then Amsterdam is the place to go. With 12 of these restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. When going on holiday most people want to taste the local cuisine and in Amsterdam there are many delicacies that are worth trying. There is everything from their famous Ossenworst (ox sausage) to Pannenkoeken (sweet or savoury pancakes) and you should be able to find these in most restaurants and much, much more. Amsterdam also hosts food events throughout the year, showing off all of their local dishes and snacks for example the Food Bazaar, Pure Markt and De Smaakboulevard.

Clubbing and Nightlife

With a huge amount of choice for nights out, from a chilled bar to huge clubs with all kinds of music, Amsterdam is perfect for any party lover! There are over 25 clubs in Amsterdam with all kinds of music, whether you are into drum and bass, pop, dub step or techno, you will be sure to find a club that suits. Amsterdam also hosts over 300 festivals every yearincluding the likes of Pacha Festival, Pitch Festival, Amsterdam Open Air and Loveland Festival. The festivals attract both locals and tourists and prices range from free to £100 per day, depending on the event.

Galleries and Museums

Some of the world’s most famous museums are located here including the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum. Amsterdam boasts over fifty museums which attract just under two million viewers every year. The Stedelijk Museum is one of the richest collections of contemporary art including sculptures, graphics, paintings, photographs and much more. Van Gogh’s Museum is two buildings full of information about Van Gogh, where he worked, lived and the paintings he did throughout his life.

Day Activities for the children and the family

If you looking for a great day out for the family then Amsterdam Zoo (Artis Zoo) is the place to be! Full of tropical fish, zebras, giraffes, springboks and wildebeests, there is loads to see. Visit the historical Bird House and gain knowledge on the several different species of bird or take a tranquil walk through the Butterfly Pavilion.The zoo also has an aquarium, planetarium, insectarium and historical buildings. There is also more than 5 restaurants in the park so there is no need to take your own food. Amsterdam is also home to a Madame Tussauds and an Amsterdam Dungeon. The hands-on Science Centre is a fantastic learning experience for young and old and also incorporates fun into the experience! With five floors filled with films, demonstrations, performances and workshops, you will not get bored. Admission costs 15 Euros and is free for under 4’s which is a bargain for a full day out!

Campervan in Amsterdam

There are also great reviews when it comes to staying in your campervan or motorhome in Amsterdam. Costing around 24 Euros per night in peak season for 2 people and 5 Euros extra if there are more of you although this is a lot cheaper that any hotel. The park has restaurants, bike hire, toilets and showering facilities, laundry facilities, playgrounds and more. Meaning that everything you need is in one place. When staying in the parks you must make sure you get campervan insurance in case of any damage, loss or theft to your campervan.


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