Barcelona, The Perfect Holiday Location

In need of a perfect holiday location? Here is where to go. Recently, new research statistics hit media headlines. The research claimed that going on holiday has the ability of reducing stress, blood pressure, improve sleep quality and aids in weight loss. Here is a more baffling discovery: Holiday makers experience sleep quality improvement by 17 percent while employees who stayed at home to work experience a 14 percent sleep quality deterioration. The ground breaking study claims the stress level of vacationers can fall by 71 percent. By decreasing blood sugar, going on holiday cuts down the risk of becoming diabetic. If this statics are anything to go by, taking your family out for a holiday is the smartest choice you will ever make. This summer at least cash out your holiday entitlement money for a wholesome family outing.


Barceloneta Beach, in Barcelona.     However, selecting the perfect location for a great holiday can be a distress to many people. Couples, families and individuals sometimes find it too much of a task to select an appropriate holiday location. Having the precision of landing on the appropriate holiday location can be bewildering, but after going through this article you will definitely be considering Barcelona as your next holiday destination; and most importantly you will be armed with the right amount of knowledge of what to do in Barcelona. This is from a personal experience that is not any close to fading from my mind and the minds of my comrades on that holiday.

Barcelona has an unrivalled brilliance in architecture and culture. Being culture and architecture vultures, my company and I extremely enjoyed the distinguishable Antonio Gaudi’s architectural works. We could do nothing else but marvel at the extremely ambitious dream manifested by Sagrada Familia; the incomplete yet large Basilica prides itself with enormous amounts of detail. Along passeig de Gracia, we fed our eyes with the impressive design of La Pedresa and Cas Batllo. A park designed by the hands and brains of the man himself-Antonio Gaudi was also our other marvel; given the name Parc Guell, this surely one place you should be. In our numerous rendezvous in the city, we met numerous other outstanding structures including the Gothic cathedral.

Museums, this one other aspect of Barcelona that will surely remain documented in my mental faculties. There are numerous museums in Barcelona that include the MACBA (museum of modern art) which hold full exhibitions monthly. Caixa Forum, another top class museum which I recommend to anyone wishing to view top class art exhibitions. Although ignored by many tourists, Placa Espanyol was free for us and most importantly it was great.

English: The Sagrada Familia viewed from Casa ...

In Barcelona, we treated ourselves with great delicacies. Seafood and tapas is easily available at reasonable prices-Barceloneta is one such location where tapas and other types of sea food can be enjoyed. Although our holiday was a corporate one, I did not miss to note that the Limbo on Calbe Merce is a romantic and subtle location for couples to enjoy great foods.

The zoo in Parc cistadella gave us an opportunity to take photos at the largest aquarium in Europe. Bars and clubs that can fit any taste are all over the city-weird ones to Irish bars. Barcelona is a city of variety, and this allows anyone here on holiday to at least find an interesting activity. For the appropriate place to stay, visit and make an informed choice.




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