Be the Smart Traveler; Use Club Rewards

Traveling is so much fun whether you are doing it for leisure or business. However, the costs can be discouraging and in some places you may have no alternative other than pass or visit but stay on a budget all your holiday or vacation. A good example is London. In truth my love for London has got nothing to do with the Big Eye, Hyde Park, the zoo or anything else modern. It is the historical attraction which are so many and in good condition that always have me coming back. Well to do so in a city famous for its attractions as well as its high cost might be quite a fortune right? The answer is yes, if you go about it the traditional way of traveling or no, if you are the kind of traveler that is always looking for the cheapest way to get the best facilities. My secret, Premier Club Rewards London hotels offer.

English: London collage.    Club rewards are simply a way of various businesses to keep their clients. In a competitive time, businesses from airlines to hotels want to be sure a previous client will come back again and to do so they have a reward system. Now, this doesn’t work by just being a frequent client but rather you register to become a member of the club. There are several levels of membership. Most of the clubs will have Silver, Gold and Platinum membership levels. The higher up your level of membership the more privileges and discounts you get. So, while the company will have you coming back you will be earning points and enjoying the other benefits that come with being a member.
In, London my issue had been hotels for much of the time. This is because, an average London hotel will cost you more but offer you less for space and luxury. So I chanced upon the Premier Club Rewards London Hotels program. While several hotels offer their variety of loyalty reward system, I have been hooked on Premier Club Rewards offered by the Shaftesbury boutique hotels in London.
For my membership, they offer a 10% discount on any booking I make on through the reward club site and that is just for starters. I get free rich breakfast, complimentary room up grade free broadband internet connection and drinks in the bar room in the hotels. Of course there are term and conditions but then this serve as a guideline and not a restriction. At the end of it all I get top class accommodation at half the price if you factor in all the tit bits. In lean times, I only have to redeem my points for a room.

Doormen outside a hotel in Central London.   Well, rewards system are not restricted to hotels, I am a member in a number of clubs that serve my purpose. This way, you end up saving twice. While cutting down on costs by using the discounts and complimentary gifts and services directed to you, you are earning points that will go a long way boosting your budget next time you are traveling. In selecting a club reward system, compare what the different ones in the same category in terms of what is the sum of all the benefits, how smooth is the redeeming process and how easy it is to get to the highest membership level. Saving on your expenses does not mean having to make do with the barest of facilities.




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