Building a Bed and Breakfast

The idea of opening a bed and breakfast has an idyllic ring to it. A bed and breakfast brings to mind romantic, historic homes, stored with beautiful antiques and fine china, the crackle of the fire in the evening, and the fragrant smell of coffee and homemade breads in the kitchen. It’s probably not that inaccurate as long as you’re the visitor. According to Tiger Industrial, a company that specializes in mat construction, owning a bed and breakfast isn’t entirely romantic and it is nearly impossible to do without a large capital and time investment. Of course, it can still be a wonderful experience and a great deal of fun, but running a bed and breakfast is a round-the-clock kind of job. Here’s what to expect when building a bed and breakfast.

Building a bed and breakfastDeveloping a Bed & Breakfast Concept

If you’ve decided that you and your family are up to the task of building and operating a bed and breakfast, then it is time to start developing the concept for your business. Starting a bed and breakfast in an already existing building allows the owner to draw inspiration from the house and create the concept around features that already exist. However, constructing a bed and breakfast from the ground up means that you’ll have to do a lot more planning. That being said, the new house can be tailored exactly to the specifications that you want.

When developing a concept, keep in mind what kind of demographic you’re trying to appeal to, whether you wish to focus on old folks, families, or young honeymooners. You also need to consider what kind of experience you’re looking to offer, which can be anything from romantic and luxurious to historic or country quaint. Make sure to thoroughly plan what kind of amenities will be offered, if there are any special architectural or landscaping needs, what kind of interior touches you want, and how many guest rooms you’re looking to have.

The Business and Financial Plan

Starting a bed and breakfast requires the same amount, if not more, of financial planning than any other business. Make sure all the funding is in place and that it’s possible to meet all laws and regulations, especially if the owner is constructing a house from scratch. The owner should also have a solid business plan in place that outlines every minute detail, from the type of breakfast rolls to the insurance policy. It is of utmost importance to have extra capital in place in case costs run higher.

Extra Effort for Construction

Building a house for a bed and breakfast isn’t exactly the same as just building a residential house. Because it will be a place of business, the home will need to follow all state and local regulations regarding zoning, health, and safety. When planning the construction, it’s essential to go over all the extra equipment and features that will need to be installed for the bed and breakfast. This can include items ranging from smoke detectors to typewriters and computer systems.

The construction process may last for several months or more, meaning it will take a significant period of time before the bed and breakfast is even ready to be furnished, let alone having it opened for customers. It’s an intensive process that should only be started if the owner knows that they have the time, funding, and patience to wait. On the plus side, building the bed and breakfast does eliminate the need for remodeling or bringing an old house up to code, since everything will be built to specification with the latest building materials and technology.


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