Cars and Road Trips

If you want to create lasting family memories, take a car trip! Taking a family vacation by car provides the opportunity to engage and interact, which is something that often is lacking on other types of travel. This gives members the chance to stop at mutually-intriguing sites and to explore parts of the state, region, or country that you may not have been before.

Before heading out on a family car trip, keep the following in mind:

amusement parkDestinations

There are many different places that make ideal vacation destinations for families, and many of them are perfect for a road trip. Some might focus around a special event, like visiting an amusement park or a carnival. These give families a chance to visit other regions and to explore what the area has to offer on a bit more flexible time-frame than coordinating air, bus, or train travel.


There are some practical ways to save money on the road, and travelers with a limited budget may want to consider some savvy ways to curb costs. Find lodging that offers kitchen amenities to save money on dining out. Buy tickets for amusement parks or events early to save a bit off the price at the door. Use membership to auto clubs, college organizations, and civic groups to garner discounts when making reservations. There are lots of ways to cut costs if you are willing to put some time and research into the endeavor.


Preparing to go away can seem like a lot of work, and it might be easier to designate tasks to each family member in the weeks leading up to your departure. Assign someone the task of lining up house-sitters or someone to check on your home in your absence. Give another person the task of creating a master list of food, clothes, and supplies that will be needed during the trip. The primary driver of the vehicle should see that the car is serviced and checked before leaving. These are all simple strategies that can make the trip a bit more trouble-free.


Families with pets may want to carefully consider the pros and cons of bringing these four-legged family members along on vacation. While you may enjoy spending time with the dog or cat, there are situations that can arise on the road that could prove dangerous for pets. Instead, consider local boarding kennels and pet-sitting services. This will give both the family and the pet a vacation and time apart before being reunited.


According to Deal Finder, and their automotive CSI tools, there are some basic strategies that will help take care of your car during this trip, and that family members should keep in mind before departure. After the initial servicing of your auto prior to leaving, you will find that your car performs better when you keep the tank filled with gas and have the fluids checked regularly on the road. Be sure that your spare tire is filled with air and easy to access. Give the kids a quick lesson on how to change a flat before heading out the door. Keep an empty gas can, air compressor, and reflective road signs or cones in the trunk.

Family vacationKeep these tips in mind before heading out on a family vacation by car. Whether you head to a nearby amusement park or cross the country to a well-known destination, there will be ample opportunity to engage, explore, and enjoy your children and family members during the vacation. Remember to prepare, budget, and maintain your vehicle for a journey that won’t run into snags along the way, and have fun!


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