Corfu Island, Greece

corfu islandWe decided to get inspiration from one specific city for one month and after careful research our team has decided to go to Corfu Island, Greece.

Our team booked for 3 weeks in order to be able to get a glimpse of what it feels like to live in this part of Greece.

Corfu holidays are highly recommended by most travel sites online, but we still had to check it out and find the reason why travelers love it so much.

Dream City for Creative Souls:

We were immensely surprised to find out that the entire city is adorned with 19th century art; it feels like walking back in time. The place is filled with inspiring works of French architecture that was carefully preserved.

According to historical accounts, this city is where aristocrats resided, in the past this place hosted promenades and various cultural events.

Visiting the place gives tourists the chance to experience their rich historyPondikonissi Island near corfu, aside from the 19th century architecture, several remnants of the 15th Century Old Fortress and New Fortress can be explored.

Despite the fact that I am not really religious, the considerable number of churches will get your attention.

Churches like the Church of St. Spyridon, the island’s patron Saint was well-detailed. It provides an illusion of prominence because of the tall bell tower- this city reminded me of my time in Venice, Italy.

Vibrant City with Spectacular events:

The thing that really won us is the vibrant energy of the place, there is so much to do in just one day. For a city that looks laid back, it is jam packed with activities.

Tourists need not feel bored; they can choose to watch cricket games, attend musical concerts, art events or just simply chill and drink a warm cup of coffee on of Corfu Island, Greece charming café.

corfu greeceWhat does the climate feel like?

The main reason why a lot of activities can be done in here is the fact that the place offers a warm Mediterranean climate. There is plenty of time to explore during the summer time, it is warm and dry with a blue sky-I love the fact that we are experiencing cooled season breezes while sitting beside the beach watching the others learn how to surf.

We stayed for 3 weeks and while there were 2 days we experienced rain, it was usually just for a short period of time, after an hour or less we can still go out and continue our holiday tours.

Ideal for group holidays:

This city is really ideal for group holidays; it was made to cater tCorfuo a lot of people. There are motivation trips, school trips, Ferrari or antique car club events, while conversing with a hotel staff, they told me that Harley Davidson groups meet there every year.

We also found out that the place was ideal for a healthy vacation; most of the foods served are organic vegetables. There are also more activities that will encourage people to stay active while having fun. Sports events are numerous-

Corfu is also child friendly; it has numerous child museums, zoos and lots of places where children would be able to connect.

We have noticed that children play safely in the streets, in the parks and mostly on the beach. The way of life is very relaxing.

Guests are sure to feel secure, you can feel the warmth in the place.

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