European Delights in Czech Republic

   Cesky Krumlov  It is said that if you have come to Europe and not experienced the Czech delights than your tour is not complete. I would pretty much agree with this statement. Having visited Czech Republic some years back on another wild expedition my memories of this land are still fresh. Czech Republic is famous all over the world as the place of genesis of the Bohemian lifestyle and the nation that holds the Golden City of Prague. Some of the sights in Czech Republic definitely took us back to Medieval Europe. First time tourists such as us will be surrounded by everything, from history of cities such as Bohemia and Moravia to the monasteries and skiing spots.


How we managed to keep our heads amidst so many things is a thingMarovian Karst that I still ponder over! However, having landed at Prague we were met by warm and welcoming Czech people. It is not a matter of fact that Czech Republic has seen an astounding rise in their tourism. When there are so many things to do and so welcoming people around you would want to keep coming back to this nation. Our tour was planned by the tourism board itself and we should say it was thoroughly entertaining. Now, I would like to share some of the places we visited and feel you should visit these too.

Prague CastlePrague: No tour to Czech Republic is complete without a stay in Prague. It is the heartbeat of the nation. A host lot of attractions are located in or close to Prague. There are thousands of years of architecture in this city. From the architecture of the Bohemian era to Gothic and Habsburg architecture we enjoyed a lot of architectural beauty in this city. The castles such as Karlstejn, Vysehrad and of course Prague Castle are truly marvelous for their grandeur.


Prague Castle: This castle is one of the best attractions of the city. It is the largest ancient castle surviving in the world. The castle was built in the 9th century and today it serves as a seat of the Czech President. This is a city within a city and consists of 4 religious buildings, 4 palaces and many gardens. We witnessed the Changing of the Guard ceremony near the castle gates.

Moravian Karst: This is an extraordinary place. It is situated close to the region of Brno. The landscape at this place contains layers of dissolution bedrock or carbonate rock such as dolomite and limestone. Moravian Karst is the most important karst area in Central Europe. The area spreads across 92 sq. km.

Cesky Krumlov: A city by the Vltava River, it is a UNESCO World Moravian Wine RegionHeritage site and very deservedly so. A part of the city is known as Old Cesky Krumlov and it houses some of the medieval buildings with exquisite architecture. Even the streets in this town carry a medieval essence. If you want to spend some quaint time then this is the town to be in.

Moravian Wine Region: Cycling, driving or even walking past the vineyards and wine producing regions is a magical experience. We used a cycling tour to view all the major wine producing areas and saw the people actually producing wine! The region has picturesque beauty.


It was a rewarding tour to Czech Republic. Though not a hyped European travel destination, but it has a lot to offer.

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