Find the best travel insurance for your trip

Shopping around will always give you cheaper results, right? We know this from every aspect of our lives, whether it be grocery shopping, holiday shopping, car shopping, clothes shopping, electrical shopping, mobile phone shopping – you get the picture. When it comes to insurance shopping, and that includes car, home, phone, travel, then it’s even more important to make sure you get the best value policy for your budget and your needs.

You can’t actually see insurance, it’s not something you buy and actually look at as an object, which is why people tend to find it boring and don’t really want to dedicate much time to it, but ironically, it’s probably the most important thing you can buy, especially when it comes to insuring travel plans.

Travel SafelyThe most important things in our lives should be insured against the possibility of something going wrong, and whilst you might think it’s a bit morbid, second guessing something going wrong when you really don’t want it to, in the event that the worst does happen, you’ll be happy you took a bit of time out to find your ideal policy. It’s simply common sense, and a big, comfortable safety net. Think about it, the more comfortable you feel, because you know everything’s taken care of, the more fun you’ll have overall.

So, how do you find your ideal travel insurance policy?

Shop around

We mentioned this earlier and it’s probably the biggest tip there is. Policies vary wildly in terms of price, the places they cover, how long you can be there for, and what you can do whilst you’re there, so it’s important to find the one that covers you for what you need it to, and at the best price. Price comparison websites are probably your first go-to with this.

Narrow it down

Once you find a couple of policies which you think are suitable, make yourself a short-list and compare their pros and cons against each other.

Do you need add-ons?

Add-ons are mainly in regard to what you’re going to do while you’re there, and are often needed if you’re thinking of doing something like winter sports, e.g. skiing and snowboarding. In this case, some companies may ask you to upgrade your policy to cover you for what they class as dangerous sports.

Declare everything

If you have any medical problems, or if you have in the past, always be honest and declare all details, because this could affect your chances of success in the event of a claim. It’s playing with fire to try and keep any details to yourself where this is concerned.

Single trip versus annual insurance

Are you planning on going away more than once? If that’s the case, it might work out cheaper to purchase an annual multi-trip policy, to cover you for all your holidays in that 12 months, with no need to buy multiple single trip policies.

Shopping around will always give you the best results, so don’t jump at the first quote you’re seen, and to honest, I wouldn’t accept the offer your holiday company gives you either; this is likely to be inflated compared to what you can find online, and is generally of the same quality.

Save where you can, and you’ll have more fun whilst you’re away.

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