Five alternative US road trip destinations

The hot weather is upon us and we’re all looking for ways to spend our summer vacation. If you’ve never explored the USA before, there’s no better way of looking at some of the world’s most beautiful sights than by hiring a car and hitting the road.

Many tourists will recommend a number of well-known places to you, from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, but for a break from the norm, check out any one of these five alternative road trip destinations.


Arizona is home to more than just the Grand Canyon – if you want to see natural beauty without being surrounded by tourists, head to nearby Sedona. The area boasts a whole host of national monuments, parks, heritage sites and other tourist attractions. For a touch of class, head to Sedona’s local wineries and vineyards, or catch a Chuckwagon Supper and Live Western Stage Show at the Blazin’ M Ranch in Cottonwood.

Watkins Glen State Park

Many tourists will tell you that there’s nothing quite like Niagara Falls, but nearby in the Finger Lakes, New York, likes Watkins Glen State Park, which offers views of natural beauty like no other. The glen’s stream descends 400 feet past cliffs with heights of up to 200 feet, and comprises 19 waterfalls within the awe-inspiring course. Take a stroll to the Cavern Cascade where you can feel the natural spray from the water falls, and for a little hospitality, there’s an Olympic-size pool, summer tours and trailer campsites.

MiamiCentral Downtown Miami

There’s a reason Will Smith wrote a song about it – if you’re heading to Florida, forget Disneyland – Miami is a great alternative road trip destination. You can indulge in a little Cuban culture with authentic cuisine, beautiful architecture and fine arts, or take a stroll down anyone of Miami’s beautiful beaches. For a little brain food, check out the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, or learn a little about wildlife at the Zoo Miami.

San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino

Depending on which way you’re traveling, this is a great starting or finishing point as it’s located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. This authentic tribal casino offers a variety of entertainment from Vegas style blackjack to bingo. You may want to practice a little before you hit the big casinos, and online bingo sites are a great way of doing this. It’s widely known that guaranteed bonuses are often available, which will help you out when you get to the real thing. Once you’ve arrived in Los Angeles, you can also get a few thrills from the casino’s on-site entertainment in The Pines restaurant and pay per view events.

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