Getting Help with your Travel Insurance Policy

After having gone through the unfortunate duress of a travel related emergency, the last thing you want put yourself through is the stresses of having the insurance company act difficult with releasing your claims. Fortunately for you, most claim requests and acquisition procedures with major travel insurance companies are rather straightforward and easy to g through. Here are a few steps that you need to take to acquire compensation in an unfavorable junction during your holidays –

  •  Informing the Company

Most companies insist that you get in touch with them as soon as any form of emergency arises regardless of the time of the day. Start by calling their 24hour helpline number after which the company will guide you with regards to the kind of specialist you must visit. They may also get in touch with the hospital or doctor directly to establish whether you need any form medical attention due to a pre-existing illness. In such cases, most travel policies will not be processed. Similarly, if you miss a flight, your flight gets cancelled or your luggage is lost, you need to contact the company immediately.Travel

  •  Maintain a Record of All the Documents

It is important that you keep all your documents easily accessible at all times. The insurance company will not be in the position to release any amount if the documents are not in place. Make sure the doctor prescriptions, admission forms, discharge certificates and other such paperwork are with you. Maintain all chemist bills as well. If your passport has been lost, make sure you keep your boarding pass. It is strongly recommended that you maintain ample photocopies of your passport, visa and other travel documents. In case of a delay or cancellation of flight, a written confirmation from the airline is required.

  •  Claiming the Insurance

The actual process takes place as soon as you are back home. Download the claim form from the company website and fill it up before submitting it with all the required documents. If all your papers are in place, you will be able to receive your claim within no time.

The entire claim process is rather systematic and easy to go through. With all kinds of guidelines provided on company websites, there is little room of going wrong when claiming your travel insurance. Whether due to political unrest, personal reasons, bad weather or other external issues a good company will surely help you through your woes.

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