Great Mexico Group Vacation Destinations

I couldn’t believe that I was finally in Cancun, Mexico. It had taken a while to convince my girlfriend that a company that I consult for was paying for it. Someone in the personnel dept. had found a company on the internet that was offering great Cancun group deals.

You see a major deal had gone through and we had all made our boss some mega big bucks. And The company firmly believes that every involved should benefit from the good they bring. This has always been an excellent incentive for us to work harder.

Cancun is definitely a lovely place to spend the weekend. My buddies and I were ecstatic. I had to share my room with another colleague but I wasn’t complaining. With just three days to enjoy the golden sands and the warm sun, I found myself unpacking my swimming trunks and heading to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. The project had been strenuous while it had lasted. Everyone had put in extra hours without complain. The vacation was just what we needed to feel refreshed.

chichen itzaA group of the guys suggested that we take in the Mayan sights. I was all for it. The best place we visited was Chichen Itza! A UNESCO heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world. On our way back to the hotel, we even stopped at a sink hole. The sink hole was covered with water. After a quick shower, we got a chance to plunge into its icy coolness. I found it a little scary. The unknown depth of the hole was quite intimidating to an average swimmer like me!

Just as I was getting out of the pool a friend came running up to me and said that he had an interesting piece of news that excited all of us. There was fishing expedition that was being organized the next day. Anyone who was interested in going could book their place on the expedition at a nominal rate. I was definitely interested. It goes without saying that every red blooded male in the vicinity was interested too! One of my colleagues got his phone out and it wasn’t long before we had our day’s agenda confirmed. We were going fishing! Yay!! These Mexico group vacations are the best. This vacation just kept getting better and better!

Our last day in Cancun Mexico was spent at sea with fishing rods in our hands. I can’t tell you just how perfect the scene was. The vast ocean extended ahead of us and the sound of waves was all that reached our ears. The fishing gear that they provided was amazing too! Someone had even thought to bring the ice cooler. The best part was that the cooler was stocked with cold beer! It was a perfect way to spend the day.

Cancun FishingOur fishing trip came to an end all too soon. Time flies when you are doing something that you love to do. It also brought an end to our weekend fun. None of us had much luck in catching any fish but everyone had a great time. It was finally time to pack our bags and return. Each one of us had a smile plastered on our face. Everyone was determined to work a lot harder on the next project. With incentives like this… Who wouldn’t?

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