Having Fun and Exquisite Luxury In LA

The beauty of blogging is working from anywhere in the world while enjoying your hard earned cash. Nevertheless, I cannot fail to share with you the fun I am having at one of the exquisite luxury vacation rentals in LA. Oh my good God! Life is so sweet and precious here that I feel like staying here forever! This is, in fact, the reason as to why you will not see me online for long today. I will only pop in to answer a question or two before embarking on having the time of my life in a Hollywood mid- Century luxury villa here in Los Angeles.

california-beverlyhillsmansionBefore I go back to swimming, have you ever been to any rental villa in California, Los Angeles? I cannot imagine the fun I have been missing all along. The rental villas here are simply incredible. In fact, I was spoilt for choice on which vacation rental villa to book and which one to overlook.

I, however, chose a Hollywood mid-Century Modern Villa that I cannot stress enough its beauty, comfort, privacy and its incredible amenities. I used to see these villas on Television programs such as the Millionaires and Mansions programs; where they feature as a must visit places in the world. Trust me, this Villa is worth over the $ 1 000 fees they charge for a group of six; but I am all alone here and feeling awesome.

The big glass doors are giving me more than enough light and the meals here are simply incredible. The villa is clean and ready for use, with plenty of fresh air coming from the surrounding trees and beautiful flowers around. I am now relaxing on a modern Whirlpool Jacuzzi, with a full view of the Los Angeles while enjoying the incredible rays of the setting sun. What a refreshing evening here!

california-beverlyhills I am feeling sweetly exhausted after going for a hike today morning in a company of my girlfriend. Right now, I am truly feeling at home.This Holiday is surely full of fun and adventurous activities. For instance, since I arrived here in California three days ago, I have met several people from various parts of the world while taking a walk around town.

Here in Los Angeles, I am thinking of nothing but fun, fun, fun, and fun. I am so calm that I feel that the world has stood still for once. I have set history in my life by wearing my white beach short for the longest time possible for the first time in my life; since I am all by myself. I also feel thrilled to break away from the boredom and noise of the world back home, and at least repay my flesh with pleasure it has been missing for some time now.

The lovely summer sunshine here is prompting me to swim all day. I never knew I can swim so well! Maybe it’s because of the tempting world class swimming pool here. My routine here is eating, dancing, hiking, swimming and the list is endless. I thought I should let you know where I am, and what I am up to at the moment. The beauty and professionalism in this rental villa is simply amazing. I wish you were here to see for yourself how beautiful and professional the whole set up is at this rental villa!

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