Keeping Up With Basketball While Abroad

I feel privileged to have traveled so much while so young. To have met so many people and having had the opportunity of understanding new cultures. I really am a man of the world, opting to camp rather than sleep in a hotel. I have been thinking for a while now about traveling to Africa with my girlfriend. We have always talked about traveling to Africa “ the cradle of mankind”, and Kenya was our choice for its vast array of tribes, each with its own culture.

We landed in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. We hired a tourist guide immediately after we arrived. We were joined by a few other tourists who were just as eager we were, judging by the grinning faces as we climbed into the specially modified tourist vehicle.

Nairobi_Bus_terminalNot 50 kilometers from Nairobi we were already in awe as we took in the breathtaking views. The valleys and hills were green and breathtaking. Not long after, I was already car sick and took upon my tiny addiction in order to get my mind of the road. I really like playing basketball and watching it too, so whenever I get a chance to, I’m only too happy. I have also always been a Warriors fan and I was sure they were going to take the NBA championship. So with this unfounded certainty, i went to NBA betting at William hill site and found out that Golden State Warriors is their favorite. A habit my girlfriend has accepted, but doesn’t care much for. I even got to bet for this game online, a fact I thought impossible in such remote areas.

After getting to the park, I could already see the measures taken to keep the various animals away. I wouldn’t be sleeping in my usual tent, of that I was sure. It didn’t take a lot of convincing from my ever eager girlfriend to start exploring. A guide in hand, we set out in a vehicle not unlike the one we had arrived in and the animals we got to see were just incredible. Rather harmless animals, until we ran into panicked antelopes running right and left, from nowhere came a lioness, majestic and graceful. It didn’t take long for it to take down a young antelope. A sight even I couldn’t stomach. We got to see so many other fascinating sights through our two weeks safari. The most incredible being a group of Masai playing basketball in their native dress. Whoever introduced this game to them had their incredible jumping skills in mind, even I couldn’t keep up with the energetic youth.

Masai high jumpThe safari was fantastic. Even after this trip, we can’t have enough of Africa so we are now planning a trip for Tanzania. For that will be another great story, I am sure.

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