Most extreme ski routes

There is something in some people that makes them push themselves to the limit. This most certainly applies to some skiers who love to test themselves on some of the world’s most extreme ski routes.

English: Skiers in Tuckerman Ravine bowl, Mt W...In such cases it is not just a test of character but the willingness, the uninitiated might argue, to put your life and limb at risk. However, skiers, even those embarking on some of the most extreme ski routes on the planet, are not fools. They know safety is paramount and are aware of the importance of wearing the correct safety equipment, including ski helmets. The importance of a good ski helmet cannot be overstated. The Canadian Medical Association claims that helmets reduce the number of head injuries among skiers and that there is no evidence of an increased risk of neck injury.There are also other things to consider when hurtling down extreme slopes, and not just safety features. There are rules and regulations that apply to skiers on the slopes established by the International Ski Federation (FIS) designed to keep you and others as safe as possible. The general rule is that you should remain aware of your surroundings and that the skier in front of you always has priority.

If you want to test those skills and have the adrenaline pumping through the veins on extreme ski slopes, where is there to go? There is plenty of choice throughout North America, Europe and further afield.

A favorite for skiing enthusiasts in the United States is Mount Baker in Washington State. Mount Baker is famed for its extremely high snowfall and attracts those into aggressive skiing. If that is not enough to take you out of your comfort zone then the area is prone to avalanches.

Las Leñas an Andean ski resort, located in the...As well as providing the thrills of extreme skiing, Mount Baker is also able to offer first-rate accommodation with a wide choice of cabins, cottages, condos and chalets.

With an almost vertical descent of some 12,000 feet, the ValléeBlanche in Chamonix is well worth the visit. Located in the Mont Blanc mountain range, the Vallée Blanche allows the intrepid skier access to an extensive run on what is unmarked snow. The area is famed for its ski chalets and accommodation, and that has helped make it a favorite among people wanting to enjoy even more from their ski holiday experience.

For those who like to keep their skiing options open to the spring, and enjoy extreme routes, then the Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, is a must. The slope varies between 40 and 55 degrees in angle, and the weather is always extremely variable. If you’re a hardcore extreme skier then test your skills out on the headwall during the winter months.

For skiing on extreme trails mixed with a great nightlife, visit Las Leñas in Argentina. The area is vast, and the high mountains and varied terrain offers plenty of trails.

Enjoy the thrills, and even spills, when hurtling along extreme ski routes, but remember that safety should always be paramount and that includes wearing the correct safety equipment, including a ski helmet.

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