Preparing for a trip to the States; from stress to relief!

Our family had been planning this trip for a long time. The United States of America seemed like an excellent choice. However, no one prepared me for the amount of legalities involved in entering the country. To make matters worse, my native language is Italian, and my English is not the best. This bureaucracy was driving me nuts! How was I going to get all the paperwork done on time?

statue-of-libertyAs time passed I soon realized that I had become obsessed! I kept poring over the documents at every free moment that I got. The trip was causing a lot of anxiety and not relieving any! I can imagine how I looked like… A little man with a big dictionary and a number of papers all perched before my laptop in the office cafeteria. Maybe that’s what made my colleagues look at me with such pity.

I was struggling to put some semblance of order in the papers when a colleague stopped by. I hadn’t met him in a while. He grabbed a cup of coffee and sat next to me. A short discussion and a lot of lamenting later and my friend found himself catching an earful of my stress. (To be fair, they must have gotten tired of hearing about it every day!)

My colleague explained that he had faced a similar problem recently. It felt so good to know that someone actually knew how I felt. As they say ‘Misery loves company’. I thought to myself how did he manage? I wasted no time in asking. That’s when he told me his secret. He spent hours trying to figure everything out and then he just gave up. He knew that it was beyond him. Not only was the concoction of rules too difficult for a lay person to follow but the lack of language skills just made the predicament infinitely worse!

My colleague spent some time researching online. That’s how he stumbled across a site which provided online assistance via the ESTA application form. The idea of another form just made my mind cringe but I decided to be patient and listen. (After all he had the patience to listen to me!). I’m glad that I heard him out, as the more I listened the better the idea seemed to be!

He borrowed my laptop for a moment and opened the webpage. The site advertised its ability to de-stress the reader. The first page had definitely caught my attention. The ESTA services were experts in Customs and Border Patrol documentation. In fact, they ensured that the documentation would be processed without any glitch or oversight.

chicagoBy now I was hooked. The only problem left to overcome was the language barrier. How was I going to be able to communicate with them if I did not know English properly? What if there was some kind of miscommunication? So many questions plagued my mind. I guess I started frowning a little because my colleague asked me what was wrong. I explained my predicament to him and he burst out laughing. It infuriated me! How could he laugh at my sorry state of affairs? It wasn’t fair!

He just wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and continued to explain. Apparently, the best part of the services offered wasn’t the form filling process! It was the fact that the communications took place in the customer’s native language! My jaw dropped open. Things were getting better and better. I had to forgive my colleague for laughing. He had after all given me a new lease at life or at least that was how I felt!

It had been days since I felt so good. I put my papers aside and my dictionary away. I spent my evening communicating in my native language and it was not long before the form filling process had been completed. I managed to relax only after everything was over. Something told me that I was never going to fill out these forms again. Why stress myself out when I can find someone to do it for me? After all there are a number of experts out there. I am sure glad out found out about their services!


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