Sakura Cherry blossoms

cherry blossom japanThe land of Japan is unrivaled when it comes to sticking and abiding by the ancient cultures and keeping pace with the technological inventions at the same time.


Japan is famous for its Sakura blossoms, also known as the cherry blossoms. The enchanting pink flowers in full bloom can be best viewed in the Ueno Park. The best place to do Hanami picnic, Ueno Park has emerged as one of the must visit places for tourists in Japan. You can step into this place and welcomed by the flora of the cherry blossom. A cheery blossom walk across the park will set your up forcherry_blossoms more such visits. It the best places to get the best photographs with friends, families and even strangers. If you are planning a visit to Japan solely as a tourist, then the best time to visit is this blossoming season of spring in the beginning of the month of April when the Sakura tree is in full blossom all across the nation. The entire area looks wrapped in these pink flowers giving a wow factor to the first time visitor. The Matsumae Park comprises as many as 250 different varieties of Sakura trees. Watching the blossoms from below is ideal than the side views. You will feel a sense of calm and tranquility dawn upon you, giving you a Zen like feeling that you may not have felt ever before.



cherry blossom sakaraNow going to witness a little bit of the cinematic experience that we are most often accustomed to seeing in television, we stepped into the Universal Studios enclave. You can catch a glimpse of set up and experience films in 2D, 3D and even 4D. It is a whole new world completely different yet unique from what you have perceived. We also took a sneak peek of the Tokyo Disney Park which has got its license from Walt Disney Company. This theme park has a host of activities which we indulged in for an adventurous and exciting afternoon well spent. If you are coming to Japan with your family and kids, then visiting to this theme par is a must as kids will thoroughly enjoy the games, rides and several other attractions of the park more than anyone else. We were full of the tech innovations and were convinced of the IQ of the Japanese brains who built this kingdom. To check out the gift of Nature, our next retreat was the small town of Biei full of its natural flora.


Next in turn was hiking up Mount Fuji which not only the highestcherry blossoms mountain in the county but also known for the marvelous views it offers on a bright, clear day. We found gang of hikers who were equally excited like us. This made the experience fulfilled and memorable.


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