Securing Your Jewelry Adequately While Traveling

Most people take a few pieces of jewelry with them when they travel. Jewelry is a popular accessory and can help you look your best and complete an outfit. Some people take jewelry with them while traveling because they feel that it is safer with them than at home. If you plan to travel with jewelry, it is important to keep it safe and secure at all times. This can sometimes be difficult while traveling, but it is possible.

Hotel Security Box

Most hotel rooms offer security boxes for guests. These boxes are often located in a closet or under the bed in each room. Most of them are secured to the room somehow so they cannot be easily taken and include a combination lock or a key lock. You can leave your jewelry behind in a security box if desired and trust that it will not be bothered. Many hotels also offer front desk safes where you can secure your jewelry as well.

Airline Carry-On

Some people think that hiding your jewelry in a checked bag will be enough to keep it safe until you arrive at your destination. If your bag gets lost, your jewelry may not be insured. Instead of putting your jewelry in a bag you plan to check at the airport, bring it in your carry-on bag and store it overhead on the plane. Keep your bag with you at all times and make sure it has a secure zipper to prevent the jewelry from falling out or being stolen while in the airport.


Protect your jewelry

Locked Luggage

According to Houston Gold Exchange (, if you have made it to your destination with your jewelry and need to store it while you go out, leave it in your locked luggage inside your hotel room. You can buy luggage with locks already installed or purchase locks to add to your luggage yourself. This will prevent someone from coming into your room and easily taking the jewelry from a desk, drawer or unlocked suitcase. Be sure to keep the key to your luggage with you at all times and never leave it behind in the room with the luggage it unlocks.

Keep It On

According to Houston Gold Exchange, a company that specializes in dazzling jewelry, if you bring jewelry with you on vacation, it is wise to wear it. Of course, there are certain activities you should avoid while wearing jewelry, such as swimming, running, working out or wading in the ocean. These activities can cause your jewelry to slip off or break. Only bring a few pieces of jewelry with you on your trips and avoid flashing it around for people to see. You never know when a thief could be looking for something easy to steal. Another option is to keep it in your purse or handbag, but be sure to keep it with you at all times and make sure it is secure.


It is common for people to take their jewelry with them on vacations in spite of the risks of having it stolen or losing it. If you plan to bring your jewelry with you on vacation and want to make sure it is kept safe, take the time to secure it properly.

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