Settling in to a new life in Kenya

Elephants moving in KenyaI recently had a friend ask me to give him some pointers on moving to Kenya, as I have been living the life of an expat for some time now. About 17 years to be exact. One of the biggest issues in life is the process of migrating to a new place. Settling in, getting my transportation situation sorted out, renting an apartment, or in some cases when there is an opportunity, buying a place. Although I am not much of a planner as in general I do like to wing it. But when I am moving far away from the latest place that I called home , I am on the internet researching my new port of call. Looking through Facebook groups, expat groups, searching classifieds, and checking out the local Couchsurfing.

Ok , So your settling in to a new life in Africa and you have chosen Kenya. Well congratulations if your moving to Africa this would be one of my top choices. Not to mention they have the largest by GDP in Southeast and Central Africa. It is also one of the most beautiful places with a ton of things to do and see. Weather you exploring the wildlife with the good natured locals or, spending time on a sailboat, You will most definitely enjoy your time spent in this wonderful nation.

Over PackedAfter going through the hassles of receiving your container you may find that you over packed. The weather here is great, You may have to adjust your driving habits if you come from a country that drives on the right, because this being a former British commonwealth they drive on the left. And if your coming from the states or a few other select countries you may have a particularly larger adjustment to living here as the power supply is 240v. don’t worry though if you have a few 110v appliances you can always Post ads free here and sell your unneeded belongings online. Or if you like you should be able to find a transformer, to adjust the power, provided you don’t mind the extra wires, and the occasional humming that may come from the box.

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this next big jump in your travels,, and don’t make this your last hop. There is still plenty to explore in this world..

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