Taking Care of Your Back while Flying

Whether you love to fly to far-off destinations with the family or have no choice but to travel for business purposes, your back may ache in protest. Getting on a plane for most people isn’t too much of a hassle, pain-wise. But for the eight out of 10 people who have back pain, says MedlinePlus, it can present a real problem. Take the necessary precautions to protect your spine when flying and you will feel more comfortable when you step off the plane.


Sure, your luggage is heavy, but have you ever thought how heavy your small carry-on actually is? Especially when you lift it up over your head to stuff it into the bin, you’re doing a number on your neck, shoulders and back. Instead of hauling it up all in one motion, try taking baby steps by lifting it up onto levels, from the floor to the seat to the seat back and finally into the overhead compartment, suggests Spine-Health.

Settling In

Flying in ComfortWhile you’re getting comfortable, ask the flight attendant if you can have a pillow. If the airline offers them, use one. If not, plan ahead and bring your own inflatable one that you can whip out whenever you need it – great for frequent travelers. This pillow provides much-needed support for your neck, which in turn benefits your spine. To avoid pain in your lower back, take a blanket, sweater or towel and roll it up behind the small of your back for extra support. Check out your feet and legs. Uncross your legs if you have a tendency to do that, as this can inhibit healthy blood circulation and prevent a possible blood clot on long flights. Make sure your knees and hips are level.

Get up Often

Whenever you can, or even every half hour, try to get up and stretch, according to Laser Health Spa, a company that has neck and back pain treatment resources. Whether this means you go to the bathroom or just stand up for a few minutes and stretch our your back and neck muscles, you’re doing yourself a favor for later. Booking an aisle seat will cut down on the amount of annoyance from your fellow passengers if you know you’re going to be getting up a lot.

Stay Hydrated

Thanks to the cabin’s low humidity levels, you can easily become dehydrated. Instead of reaching for the alcohol, tea or coffee, ask for some water throughout the flight. Those other beverages will make you dehydrated, which is detrimental to your muscles. Relax your muscles and encourage proper circulation with water.

Taking Precautions

Flying with back pain can certainly be a challenge, but if you take precautions beforehand and while on the plane, you can lessen your chances of suffering from a back ache when you disembark. You don’t want your vacation sidelined before you even get off the plane. Protect yourself through the long security lines, the luggage pick-up process and the actual flight itself. Just know you’re not alone: 88 percent of people suffered from back and neck pain of some kind after their flight, according to Spine Universe. A little TLC for your back can go a long way toward helping you become pain free after a long flight.


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