The Amazing Iguazu Falls

    My name is Patrick and I am from Rome Italy. I would like to tell you that this summer I had the opportunity to travel to Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side which is located in the town of Puerto Iguazu in Misiones and on the Brazilian side in the city of Foz do Iguacu which is a very picturesque town in southern Brazil.


Iguazu Falls

The Argentina side of the Iguazu National Park is a marvel to try to see once in your life. The National Parks are divided into two zones: A Brazilian Park and Argentinian Park. You can use a map of Iguazu falls to see very well how these parks are divided:


Argentines have always boast that they have better Park and attractions than Brazil but they lament  and admit that in order to have a great panoramic view you have to go to Brazil. Anyway from the Argentina side I have taken great pictures and you can feel that you are much closer from the power of the water.


As soon as you enter the park in Argentina you take an electric train that will lead to the beginning of the route, near the Devil’s Throat, the mouth of the largest waterfall in the park, it has a platform to get as close as possible to the falls, an unforgettable experience!


Fortunately I have booked a complete tour package with an Argentina Travel Agency that organized me very well all the excursions to both parks, as well as the accommodation, the airport transfers and round trip flights from Buenos Aires.


The best part in the excursion is to do a trekking for about 3 or 4 miles in the park, watching the waterfalls, in the jungle. Once you are there you can have a great contact with nature and enjoy the monkeys, toucans, hundreds of species of birds, coatis (a kind of raccoon snout) pigs India and different types and species of animals. Maybe if you have good luck you will see a jaguar, although it is really complicated because fleeing areas where there are people.


The Argentine side can be visited in 1 full day tour starting at 8 AM and finishing at 6 PM. Our tour guide picked us in our hotel at 7:30 AM and at 8 AM we were already inside the Park enjoying the attractions. If you go in summer take care of mosquitos, use any repellant and you need to go prepared for possible rain slicker which is very frequent in summer.


There are plenty of shops to buy souvenirs, bars and restaurants for a snack in the park. There is so much at the falls on the Argentine side and the Brazilian side like upscale hotels, restaurants and all kinds of excursions. There are walkways on both sides to walk to the edge of the falls and to take pictures. I do not recommend doing this tour without tour guides, they advise you and will explain in detail each thing you see. As optional activities apart of the National Parks of waterfalls there is also a trip to the tripartite point where you can see the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.


In short, I recommend you spend a day in this area and the next day visit the Brazilian side that is equal or even better, or vice versa, I assure you I will not forget. Don’t miss the possibility of travelling to the Iguazu falls which were named as one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

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