The Best Destinations Down Under

Australia: this sunshine soaked land of delightful diversity is certainly on everyone’s travel bucket list. With its wonderfully relaxed vibe, vibrant culture and impeccable scenery, you’ll be desperate to stay and throw one more shrimp on the barbecue. If you’re looking for one of the world’s finest tours of Australia, look no further and consider some of these fabulous destinations while masterminding your once in a lifetime adventure.

The skyline of the Sydney central business dis...

Although not Australia’s actual capital, the city of Sydney is certainly capital of cosmopolitan chic. The majestic Sydney Opera House stares out into the glittering sea, looking straight through the towering Sydney Harbor Bridge. Everything in this glorious melting pot of culture and cuisine instills a sense of joy in anyone who visits, whether you’re feasting upon fresh seafood on the harbor at sunset while sipping on first class Australian wine, clambering up the rungs of the gravity defying Harbor Bridge or simply reclining on one of Sydney’s idyllic hidden beaches. This is an essential stop on anyone’s Down Under itinerary.

Jump straight from a buzzing metropolis to the swarming Australian

Australian Outback: Mount O'Connor, a mesa bet...

outback, where you’ll swap fashionably clad people for an array of incredible wildlife. Wander through the burnt orange landscape on the hunt for creatures such as snakes, scorpions and spiders and sleep under the dazzling stars listening to the cacophony of cicadas. For the nature lovers who don’t want to get down and dirty in the outback however, Adelaide Zoo offers you the chance to wander through lush botanical gardens amongst wallabies, kangaroos and lounging koalas, so those hiking boots can stay at the bottom, of the wardrobe!

For a kaleidoscopic visual banquet, ensure you visit KataTijuta National Park to see the iconic Ayers Rock and many other spectacular red rocks rising from the desert floor like something from a Salvador Dali painting. Watching the sun set of this spectacular desert landscape is a truly mesmerizing vision. Look out for the excellent examples of Aboriginal rock art scattered around the park for an insight into the first humans lived in this incredible region.

walk_on_the_beach_mon_reposAustralia is saturated with some of the finest beaches in the entire world, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which pristine sand to recline on or turquoise water to splash around in. Whether you want to laze on the shore with a gripping novel, ride the roaring waves on a surfboard or snorkel amongst some of the most spectacular marine life on the planet, the coastline of the wonderful Land of Oz has it all. Topping the list is the iconic Bandai Beach, Sydney, where sandy surfers roam, followed closely by Lizard Island in Queenstown, with stunning white sand and access to the famed Great Barrier Reef.

So what are you waiting for? Crack open a bottle of ice cold Australian Chardonnay and begin planning this trip of a lifetime.

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