The little known extras

little knowsn extras    We all know that the days leading up to a holiday can be a little, shall we say, stressful? It’s meant to be fun and enjoyable, with all that excitement in mind, but it often just turns out to be a total stress-fest of trying not to forget things.

The best way to deal with this? Adopt a Scout’s saying – be prepared!

I always pre-check my flight information in the days leading up to my departure. I always find this is the best way to find out important information pertinent to my flight alone, such as terminal number etc. Once you know all this, you will be slightly less panicky.

We all know about the important stuff, such as travel insurance, currency, bank travel markers, and visas etc, but what about the slightly less vital, but still important little add-ons?

Here’s just four suggestions of things you really shouldn’t forget.

Sun-cream! It might sound ridiculous, because you can buy this in resort quite easily, but you will probably find it more expensive, and also you can never be truly sure it’s the right brand you’re after. Buying a brand that suits your skin and is the correct SPF cuts down on a mad dash to the nearest resort supermarket.

  1. I am of course talking about paracetamol, upset stomach tablets, plasters, antiseptic cream etc. A well stocked first aid cupboard is vital, and again stops you having to do a midnight run to the chemist, where they may or may not speak English. Also remember to get your repeat prescriptions for your regular medications picked up and dispensed before you travel.

Cancel the milkman! If you have any recurring services that happen on a weekly or daily basis, then make sure you cancel them for the duration of your holiday. This will save you money of course!

Be phone aware. If you have an iPhone, Samsung, or basically any kind of smart phone, you will be aware of the perils of data roaming. Basically, as soon as you get to the airport, I would recommend turning off your data roaming and cellular data for the duration of your holiday. This will save you the chances of getting a huge bill to come home to. If you need to use the internet whilst you’re away, simply find a wifi hotspot, usually a bar or restaurant, and connect for free that way.

Being aware of the little bits and bobs you need to think about before you jet off on your jollies is what often adds to the stress, but write them down, tick them off, and you’ll not only avoid a potential disaster, but you’ll also be less frazzled as a result.

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