The Qeswachaka Hanging Bridge, of Cuzco, Peru

rope bridge in peru The Best Experience and Wonderful Tour to the Qeswachaka Hanging Bridge, of Cuzco, Peru

How much do you value grass? I recently learned about some natural grasses that are very useful, when I visited the Qeswachaka hanging bridge. This is a great bridge made of the local Qoya grass. It is very stable and can support heavy loads.

When I reached this point I was astonished when I saw someone walking over bridge that I never so any construction under it. I found myself shouting �hey stop it!!’ why are you risking your life? This unique structure drew much attention when I realized he was concentrating to my shouts. I could not believe what I saw when I moved closer. The bridgepreparing to build rope bridge seemed very weak from the look but that was not the case. I got to learn more about the bridge that was constructed in the early times and have been there for over many years. It is completely made of the local Qoya grass that makes it look more spectacular. The Qeswachaka hanging bridge, of Cuzco, Peru is about 13,000 feet above the water level. It is also approximately 120 feet long across the Apurimac River. When I thought of walking from one end to the other I imagined of losing my life. This was not the case because the hanging bridge was very stable than I thought it could be. I became afraid as I made my first trial to walk from one end to the other. When I looked down the water flowed with a lot of force but it had no effect on the firm bridge. The distance also became very long for the first trip. After gaining the courage I even started running from one end to the other that became very short.

qeswachaka rope bridgeI also got to learn how the community around benefit from the bridge. This is why they have to maintain it every year. In a group of about a thousand men and women they held a ceremony on the reconstruction of the bridge. Eucalyptus trucks were laid from end to the other end of the bridge. This is then covered by the about six strong cables made from the long Qoya grass blades. These are what make the bridge very strong and durable for about one whole year. I greatly enjoyed walking on this bridge as I watched the flow river Apurimac. The area had a more conducive environmental condition that I greatly enjoyed. You can get to enjoy and learn more about new and unique features at this point. The security system in the place is also very perfect hence you are always safe whenever you walk. The society around are very friendly and caring. They gave me a warm welcome and gave me all the basic knowledge about this splendid bridge.

I also got to learn why the people around preferred the bridge to the modern one. This was because it was the only way they could show respect and honor to their Inca ancestors. This was through the celebrations they held annually. This also enabled them to keep a live their centuries old tradition. This bridge is just located some few kilometers from Cuzco. It is about 100 km hence not so far. It is a point you can easily drive to enjoy yourself. Besides the enjoyment in this place you get to educate yourself and learn even more. This is the place you can enjoy your Next Hop as you enjoy the cool environment of the area.

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