The Thrill And Excitment Of Climbing The Kjerag Mountains

Lysefjorden_fjord Kjerag mountains are located in Lysfkorden, in Forsand municipality, Norway. The highest point in these mountains is 1110 m above sea level and the most popular point is Lysefjorden at the Northern drop which is 984 m high. This point is also the site of Kjeragbolten which is a 5 square meters stone boulder wedged between two rocks which give people ample space to comfortably pose for photos. The Kjeragbolten attracts many visitors primarily because of the rare and magnificent opportunity of taking unbelievable pictures that it provides. Getting to this rock does not require any special equipment provided that one is physically fit and as a result almost everyone who climbs the Kjerag mountains gets on the rock to take pictures.Kjerag Mountains The mountains are also popular with base jumpers and sky divers where jumpers from different parts of the world travels to the mountains to enjoy themselves.

The thrill and excitement that comes with climbing the Kjerag mountains, Norway is best enjoyed by actually climbing these mountains. We got to enjoy this when me and my friends organized a trip to climb the mountains. One of my friends had heard about the thrill of climbing these mountains and when the idea came up, we all agreed that we had an opportunity to enjoy the exciting features of these mountains.

The nearest bigger town we got into was Stavanger and from here to the base of the Kjerag mountains, Norway we had the options of renting a car, riding on a taxi, riding on a bus or taking a boat ride. We got to know that renting a car is slKjerag Mountains Norwayightly expensive since we also had to pay for parking but it was better than the other mean of transport since it gives people more opportunities to view exciting scenery which was the primary reason we had visited and hence we opted to rent a car. The distance from Stavanger to the base of the mountains is about 130 kilometers which we drove for almost two hours. The road to the mountain had several turns but we were provided with a simple and clear map. Along the way we found various food shops where we got the opportunity to buy food and fluids for our refreshment.

Upon reaching the parking lot which is at the base of the mountains we found otherKjeragbolten visitors and some experts who were giving advice on the most suitable ways to climb the mountains. We were advised to carry extra water for refreshment and also wear warm clothes since it gets colder as people go up even during the summer. The hiking trail to Kjeragbolten is about six kilometers and it alternates with some area going up and others going down. It took us about two hours to get to the top of the mountains even as we made several breaks. Upon reaching the top we were first hesitant to get to the Kjeragbolten since it was our first time. But we saw other people taking photos from this rock and this encouraged one of my friends and we all follow suit. The picture we took from this rock are some of the best we had ever taken and when we showed them to some of our other friends, they could not believe and they also organized a trip to these mountains. We also recorded skydivers as the jumped from the mountains to the water below. Therefore, the Kjerag mountains, Norway are some of the most enjoyable and exciting places that people can visit.

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