Top four things to see and do whilst travelling in Chile

South America is quickly becoming a top tourist destination for travellers who want to embrace their adventurous side as well as practice their Spanish. Luckily, there is a wealth of events and activities on offer for those intrepid souls who come to Chile with stunning scenery, delicious food and friendly people. Here are the top four things which must be seen or experienced whilst travelling in Chile:

Chile Torres Del Paine

Image Courtesy of Melenama Via Flickr

Torres del Paine National Park

The park is named after the three ‘towers’ of rock pointing upwards towards the sky, surrounded by glaciers and lakes the colour of turquoise. The park covers 181, hectares with a range of activities for the adventurous from hiking, horseback riding, or climbing. It goes without saying that the scenery here is stunning. There are also boat trips available on the lakes which will offer visitors the opportunity to get up close to this natural beauty.

2015 Copa América

The major international football competition in South America is, unsurprisingly, taken very seriously. This year’s tournament will be held in Chile from 11th June to 4th July with Uruguay defending the title, there are sure to be some brilliant matches. If you’re lucky enough to be in the country at the time it would be well worth trying to see the match live, but be sure to keep an eye on developments via Twitter, accounts like are sure to keep you well informed.

Atacama Desert

The second most popular tourist attraction in the whole of Chile, the Atacama Desert will leave you speechless with its unique rock formations. It is the highest and driest desert in the world, with areas like Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), Death Valley and dinosaur valley to visit whilst you are in the region there are lots to see. It also makes for the perfect backdrop for those holiday photos to share on Facebook with friends and family back home to make them seethe with jealousy!

Easter Island

Image Courtesy of Nicolas De Camaret Vie Flickr

Easter Island

With its very own Emoji, Easter Island is one of the most interesting spots in the world, let alone in Chile! With a fascinating history which is believed to trace back to Micronesia and Polynesia the islands are home to the famous stone statues, or moai, a visit to the island will offer an alternative insight into the culture of this area.

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