Top Ten Destinations From Heathrow This Year

Going on a holiday with your family can be the ultimate relaxing experience for any person. Leaving London to visit any of the spectacular cities of the world can be real fun. Heathrow airport connects to all major cities in the world. Although it’s one of the busiest airports in the world, you are sure to find traveling from Heathrow an enjoyable experience, provided you go about it in the right way. My own experience of holidaying was fantastic, all thanks to the amazing management at the Crown Plaza Heathrow airport and hotel.

Top destinations in 2014 from Heathrow

In case you are still at bay on deciding where to fly out this holiday season then just let me give you a helping Crowne Plaza London Heathrow - The Irish Pubhand. From Heathrow, the following top traveled destinations are sure to let you have an amazing time with your loved ones. When it comes to favorite destinations the American cities take the echelons hands down, from Columbia to Brazil, there are different flavors for each individual. New York is a frequently traveled, and from the London airports takes the top spot. Then you have the romantic city of Paris followed closely by Dublin and Amsterdam. Frankfurt,Germany is another of the top destinations from the Heathrow this year, with Edinburgh being the next on our list.

For the People who like to visit new and a bit exotic places, Hong Kong is a sure show stealer and finds its place in the best of cities to travel. Los Angeles is one of the most sought after holiday destinations around the world and the same is true for the shopper paradise Dubai. The picturesque Glasgow in Scotland is a nearby holiday destination for people who would like to visit a closer locale. All these cities round up the top 10 destinations to travel in 2014 from the Heathrow airport. The connectivity and frequency of flights to aforementioned cities are perfect for individuals to plan their trip as per convenience.

Prepare Yourself for the trip

Crowne Plaza London Heathrow - Spirit Health Club Swimming PoolCrowne Plaza London Heathrow - Spirit Health Club Swimming PoolThose of us, who have not yet traveled from Heathrow, let me tell you it’s going to be a memorable trip all the same. People who are fretting over the stress of travel can relax with the Park, Stay, and Go option you can spend the night before your flight relaxing in the hotel pool, working out or enjoying a spa experience rather than stressing over the next days plans. For those of you have have brought your own transport with you, The hotel has collaborated with Value Individual parking to provide safe and fast Airport Parking Packages . This will surely add to the complete experience of the impending trip.

Going on Holiday is a must for most of us who have a hectic schedule and keep running around for business purpose. This is one oportunity to enjoy your time with family and the Hotel has ensured that it does whatever it can to add to this experience. Before leaving for the holiday, maybe spend a couple of nights preparing  yourself for the coming days. Be sure to check out The Spirit Health Club where there is the gym where you can do light workout and then follow it up with any of the tranquil session with the sauna, steam room, or the Jacuzzi. These Heathrow airport hotels have incorporated all this to make you feel completely ready for the fun trip to a favorite location. So on your next trip from Heathrow be prepared for a delightful trip to your dream destination without worrying about anything.


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