Travel & Tourism Programs

The travel and tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is made up of nearly 474 million international tourists who travel to the top ten most visited destinations each year, and with nearly 70 million of them who travel to the United States alone, making this a very lucrative industry. According to the US Department of Labor, the travel and tourism industry, often referred to as the hospitality management industry, is considered a high growth industry. It requires that more and more people receive the necessary training to become qualified staff or independent professionals to meet the demands of this growing industry.

The increase in this industry has resulted in the rising popularity of travel & tourism programs throughout the country, preparing students to have very stable and successful careers.
Optional Career Paths

The travel and tourism industry consists of a variety of optional career paths for those who enjoy planning, customer service, and working with people, valuing those who are very attentive to detail. Professionals in this industry have the opportunity to assist guests with their travel experiences and possibly leave a lasting mark on the guests’ overall travel experiences.

Training programs in the Hospitality Management area of specialty prepares individuals for a variety of areas in which they can focus, including careers in hotels and resorts, travel and travel related services, real estate development projects, convention services, restaurants, casinos, airlines, travel agencies, food and beverage companies, uniform services companies, hospitals, country clubs, and community health centers.
Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits about enrolling in a Hospitality Management program is that it will prepare students for a variety of different career choices within this field, and students can also work directly with instructors who have been professionals within the Hospitality Management industry for years. Additionally, most programs offered within this field allow students to get some real life experiences by both planning and visiting a real tourist destination that provides training at actual travel and tour destination sites.

Additional benefits of these lifelike programs consist of students also being required to prepare top notch Travelogue presentations comprised of highlights from their previous resort or destination trips. Graduates of such programs will have earned specialized skills in areas such as marketing, destination geography, tour operations, hospitality accounting, cash handling, resort management, planning and organizing special events, and a host of other areas, as well as obtaining credentials that will make them stand out more than job applicants in this field who have not earned such a degree.

Travel and tourismJob Readiness and Placement Opportunities

With today’s economy as it is, finding employment can be tough. Even after graduating with an impressive degree, finding the right well-paying job can prove to be disheartening in such a competitive environment. But thankfully, most Hospitality Management programs not only offer training for a variety of different career paths, they also assist with job placement opportunities. Most have staff who will assist students with finding employment after graduating by working with companies that typically hire graduates who have earned relevant degrees.

Examples of these companies consist of hotels such as the Holiday Inn, the Hyatt Regency, the Red Roof Inn, the Marriott Hotel, the Hampton Inn, and the Residence Inn. Country clubs and destination resorts consist of the Treesdale Golf & Country Club and Walt Disney World.
To have the best chance at a successful career within the travel and tourism industry, participating in a degree program from an accredited college or university is very advantageous, as it has offers a great education and so much more.

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