Traveling the British Virgin Islands In a Luxury Yacht Charter

Now is the time to start planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands. My girlfriend and I Wanted to go there for some time, and couldn’t help but think now is the best time. Then, another question arose. Are we going to hop around from hotel to hotel, or are we going to take a yacht charter. I wanted the hotel method, my girlfriend wanted to take the yacht. Can you guess what we’re going to do? Yup, we’re taking the yacht.

In our discussion to figure out what method of travel would be the best, she brought up some really good points. The first one being the unparalleled scenery. The kind of setting you just can’t get from sitting on a beach or in a hotel. Sure, you can get the sun and sand, but it just can’t compare to the stunning views you get by traveling on a luxury yacht.

Yacht  She mentioned a company ADDISON Yacht Charters. So I decided to take a look into it further. From the look of it, you pick your price range, enter the number of guests, choose which vessel you like and your destination. Luckily for us, the British Virgin Islands was on their list of destinations.

While still in the planning stage, I saw a few other destinations on their list that sound remarkable. But I’m going to have to put on the brakes. One destination at a time, right? We’ve never taken a luxury yacht before, so this will be a new, great adventure for the both of us.

So far, the plan is to get the yacht charter for the second weekend in July. While reading up on the reviews, I see summer is a great time to go. I figured the trip will last 3 to 4 weeks.Sailing

The most exciting part of the trip, to me, will be going scuba diving. There’s just something about underwater life that fascinates me. I think my girlfriends pretty excited as well. She’s been buying new outfits and bikinis ever since we started talking about it.

I’m probably just as excited as she is. I went out and bought a new camera. The sample pictures looked amazing, I can only imagine the kind of shots I’ll get from the side of the yacht. It looks like it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures we will take. You can even take pictures underwater, so it will be great for scuba diving.Yacht Charter

I’ve been waiting so long to go on this trip, and I’m so happy that my girlfriend brought up ADDISON Yacht Charters. This is the best deal I found for a luxury yacht charter. I can’t wait to get those beautiful shots of the Caribbean from the yacht. This trip looks like it should be one of our best.

We both love the Caribbean, and spending time in nature. So I am sure this will be a great experience that we will never forget.

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