Upcoming Events at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center You Should Consider Attending

The 1.5 million square foot David L. Lawrence Convention Center opened in September, 2003 and has hosted more than 2,100 events and 4 million visitors. Conveniently located in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA, the convention center provides a wide variety of programming for both residents and visitors coming to the area. If you are looking for a destination location to visit and have the Pittsburgh area on your list of places to see, here are some of the upcoming events that you may want to consider. These events span a wide range of interests and audiences, and provide you with a reason to plan a Pittsburgh excursion.


Upcoming Events for Spring/Summer 2015

May through August of 2015 will see the Health & Fitness Expo coming to the convention center on May 1st and 2nd. The East Coast Volleyball Championships are scheduled for May 23-25 for those who like sports. Video Game fans may enjoy the ReplayFX Arcade and Gaming Festival come to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on July 30th through August 2nd. Sports fans may also enjoy the Connect & Connect Sports Marketplace 2015, which will be held Thursday, August 27th through Saturday, August 29th.

David L. Lawrence Convention Center

These events respectively feature family based activities and entertainment, an opportunity to attend seminars and participate in event specific activities, such as a 5K run and full marathon associated with the Health & Fitness Expo. The East Coast Volleyball Championships, as an example, is an open competition for teams ranging in age from 12 to 18. Gaming aficionados will be able to enjoy arcade, pinball, tabletop and console games, all for the price of admission to the Replay FX Arcade and Gaming Festival.


Upcoming Events for Fall/Winter 2015

The fall months from September through December, 2015 beings with the Wizard World’s Pittsburgh Comic Con 2015 from September 11th to the 13th of the month. This convention will be headlined by actors William Shatner, Captain Kirk from television’s original Star Trek series, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin from the Sci-Fi network’s Firefly series, the original Batmobile from the 1960s television series, and Michael J. Fox’s DeLorean time machine from the 1982 movie Back to the Future. Baseball fans should look to attend Piratefest December 12th through 13th for a chance to talk to current and former players, obtain autographs, and attend live events. Piratefest is for the baseball fan looking for a chance to get a view of the game up close.


Upcoming Events for 2016

There are several events already scheduled for 2016 that you may also want to consider as you plan your Pittsburgh trip. The Pittsburgh RV Show is scheduled for January 9th through January 17th, while the 2016 Remodeling Expo will be hosted at the convention center from the 22nd to the 24th of January. You can learn about colleges, including financial aid, tuition, housing options, and what different schools have to offer by attending the 2016 College Fair on February 4-5. The Pittsburgh International Auto Show is scheduled February 12-15, 2016 and those seeking inspiration may want to make plans to attend the CCO-Annual Jubilee Conference on February 19th and 21st.


These events are a small sampling of the conferences and expos scheduled for the David L. Lawrence Convention Center this coming spring and summer months. The wide array of events are designed to appeal to all types of visitors choosing Pittsburgh for their travel plans.

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