Vacation Like a Local in Downtown Atlanta

There is no question that downtown Atlanta is one of the hottest places to visit in the United States. There’s a rich cultural history, eateries that appeal to a diverse population of nearly half a million people, and so many activities for families or singles to keep your night itinerary filled. Although Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, this boisterous city may very well be one of the capitals of the U.S. when it comes to its renown for food and entertainment. There are few places you can go to which boast a greater selection of either of these, making it easier to plan your next trip to the capital of the Peach State.

The Sights of Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta hosts a business district as impressive as anything you’ve seen in Los Angeles or Houston. There’s the Centennial Olympic Park, which is an expansive, 21-acre swath of pristinely-kept land that often has fundraisers and festivals, free of charge in many cases. It’s enough of a beautiful gathering spot that it draws three million visitors annually even when nothing special is going on. Erected for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, the park has lost none of the luster it showed the world during the planet’s greatest sporting event.

Vacation AtlantaArts and History in Atlanta

If you’re into the Arts and History, then Atlanta’s Civil War Museum and Cyclorama are the places to be. There are unforgettable emblems dating back to one of our nation’s most trying times, such as the Great Locomotive Chase of 1982, which is well-represented by the Locomotive Texas in the War Museum. As for the Cyclorama, it houses the world’s largest oil painting. Standing at more than 40 feet tall and an impressive 360 feet long, the painting is a depiction of the Civil War Battle of Atlanta, with generals atop horses and foot soldiers fighting their way toward a place in history. The painting is so large that many of the individual characters are three feet tall.

Fernbank Museum for Kids and Adults Alike

Fernbank Museum is host to something that mesmerized almost everyone at some point in their lives: dinosaurs. These giant land lizards have been gone for hundreds of millions of years now, but places like Atlanta’s natural history museum do an admirable job of capturing the true scale of the beasts with the fossilized preservation of the Jurassic and Mesozoic eras. There are specialized tours for the whole family while you’re there, such as the exhibit entitled “A Walk Through Time in Georgia,” and a multilevel clubhouse hosted by NatureQuest. This is definitely one of the better things that Atlanta has to offer for the whole family.

CNN: Where the News Happens

It is common knowledge that one of the most respected news agencies in the world, the Cable News Network, better known as CNN, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Capitalizing on the huge amount of public interest in CNN, they offer an hour-long guided tour through their offices. You’ll undoubtedly run into several famous news personalities, and you’ll understand the inner workings of the teleprompter and digital weather board. For people who want to dig even deeper, CNN offers a VIP tour.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes vacationing in the capital city of the Peach State. Atlanta is widely known for its sports venues, shopping, restaurants and night life. There won’t be a shortage of things for you to do on your trip.

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