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Seeing the world is something that we all aspire to do, however, financing such a journey often proves to be a stumbling block for most of us. Unless you have some serious money or the bank of mum and dad has some enticing interest rates, financing a trip like this is usually untenable. However, volunteering gives you both the chance to see the world and to make the world a better place. The feeling of satisfaction volunteers get is usually every bit, if not more, enjoyable than the actual places visited. Below are just some of the things you can do.

Teaching English

Teaching English Abroadby  Dimitry B  – Chile

For those fortunate enough to blessed with an English mother-tongue, the possibilities abroad really are vast. Everyone wants to learn English, it is the universal language and therefore a hugely commendable asset. The roles for an English tutor are a plenty. You could be a conversation coach in Europe; a paid classroom assistant in China, Thailand, or Vietnam; a teaching assistant in places as far a field as Chile; or work at a summer camp in Italy, and that is to name just a few.

Teach a Sport

Teaching Sports Abroadby  wongaboo  – Thailand

After English, sport is the universal language. Wherever you go in the world you will be able to find people that follow football, unfortunately the majority will be Manchester United fans, especially in Asia. It isn’t just football that is in high demand, basketball is another sport that people are clammering to learn. The beauty of teaching a sport overseas is that you are seeing the world and in return you are doing something that you actively enjoy. You never know, you may just unearth the next LeBron James, potentially the greatest basketball player of all time and one who is expected to challenge for the NBA title with his Cleveland Cavaliers in the basketball betting. You really will be surprised how far sport can take you in this world; teaching rugby in New Zealand being a case in point.


Volunteering Oportunitiesby  diana_robinson 

The volunteering opportunities in Africa are massive. This fine, and humongous continent is quickly developing but is still some way behind the developed world. Going over there to help advance local communities is hugely rewarding. Not only are you making the place better for those who reside there but you are also getting to experience one of the most diverse places in the world. It isn’t just the people that make Africa great – the people there seriously rock and are hugely grateful for any help they receive – the wildlife on show is incomparable to any other country in the world. In fact many of the animal conservations in Africa are more than happy to have you, and who doesn’t like working with animals? Memories of your time in Africa are memories that do not subside fast.

Child Care

Child Careby  archer10 (Dennis) REPOSTING 

It breaks your heart to see how some of the earth’s children have to live in life-threatening poverty; it really isn’t fair but so is life. Helping to better a child’s life is hugely rewarding and there is no better place to make a difference than in India. Being able to bring to joy to orphanage is something that sets you apart as a human, whilst at the same time you can actually learn a lot about the local culture. Learning how to cook authentic Indian dishes, becoming conversational in Hindi and learning yoga from the best are just some of the perks.

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