Waterfall Highway Madeira Portugal

Waterfall over Highway, Madeira, Portugal  Traveling to Portugal (Waterfall Highway, Madeira, Portugal) is an experience I am not going to forget any time soon. Actually, I must admit that it is the best I have ever had. The island being the largest in Madeira Archipelago boost of colorful flower gardens with extreme natural beauty. Definitely, the experience was worth my time, the steep rocks at the coast, the high peaks in the eastern side, the plains in the west, the waterfall road, in addition, the attractive terraces in the south basically define the island.

We were so amazed by the waterfall; especially, where it is located. As we drove along the road (Waterfall Highway, Madeira, Portugal), we came about this waterfall; actually, we were surprised that there were no road signs. As we proceeded on, we came across the waterfall which falls on the road from above. Driving through the waterfall was terrifying; in fact, we Waterfall Highway, Madeira, Portugalclosed our eyes, griped the wheel and just hoped for the best. This is how scared we were for the cascading car wash experience. As we splashed through, we could observe foamy white waves hitting us below, however, when we safely crossed over and realized that we were all safe, we busted out loud.

My girlfriend confessed that she was shaken as we splashed through the waterfall, but, became so impressed when she realized that it was not as dangerous as she thought. By that confession, I knew that my first goal of the trip, which was to impress her was achieved. We drove on and found ourselves on a deserted road; again, the thought of being lost hit us, however, we became more adventurous and drove through in search of the highway. Fortunately, we got back on the road and joined the traffic towards Ribeira Brava. From there, we wereWaterfall Highway directed to the mountain road that intersects the island. We followed it up to the misty green middle road that led us to the north coast which is sparsely inhabited.

The tour guide had already informed us of fine-lined terraces and the splendid rocky cuts. Therefore, as we drove on, our eyes were hooked to the window in order to capture all the natural scenery. We watched the waves smash against rocky cut of shore. The view was not only limited to the shore, the marvel cloud-catching slope caught our attention and from this point we could not resist the desire to take a walk. The experience was superb as we held each others hand and swing along. We found a seaside bar, where we stopped for restorative poncho and cups coffee. In deed, the feeling was good; I even recovered by lost self.

I came to realize that Madeira is actually two places in one. First, it is the home to numerous natural sites; again, it is the best place for leisure and entertainment. I was informed that many travelers have been visiting Funchal port for centuries and during such visits they have brought with them their cultures and expertise and in exchange of the locals goodies such as crafts, sugar and wines. Generally, I really enjoyed the travel (Waterfall Highway, Madeira, Portugal) and we are looking forward to another one, on our Next Hop

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