What You Shouldn’t Do while Traveling

There are some common faux-pas that travelers make when heading to their favorite destinations. Whether you are preparing to head out on a weekend adventure, host a business-related getaway, or taking the clan on a fun-filled family vacation, there are some things you should not do when traveling that could cause additional grief, stress, and money.

Family vacations

Family vacationsA big travel issue can arise with the incidental costs of going on an extended family vacation. Unless you are vigilant, costs of items including food, souvenirs, and admission can rack up even on a seemingly affordable vacation plan. For this reason, many families do well booking inclusive vacations to keep the costs marginally near the price paid for the package rates. One example of an inclusive family vacation might be a five day cruise out of a port that is within driving distance, six to eight hours tops. On these excursions, food, entertainment, and lodging is paid for and the only out-of-pocket costs are those such as gambling, souvenirs, or special attractions. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the costs of food and the value of having some meals included in the price.

Pet problems

Another common misstep when heading out on a family vacation regards the family pet. There are many hazards associated with taking your dog or cat on a vacation. The primary concern is that of safety for the pet. Strange sounds and situations can spook a pet, causing them to bolt from your vehicle and get lost forever. If your pet is not a comfortable traveler, the entire experience could cause them stress and anxiety. A more humane option might be to board the pet with a licensed pet boarder in your region. This is not being “mean” to the pet, and actually gives them a bit of an adventure with other pets, people, and smells to experience. Be cautious when planning to bring your pet: some regions are not as pet-friendly as others. Clarify policies on pets and designate who will stay with the pet in case you run into a situation where pets are prohibited access.

Group excursions

The important thing to remember when going on a tour or charter is that you are part of a group. Therefore, your behaviors, attitude, and needs impact the experience of many other individuals. According to OK Bail Bonds, a firm that specializes in Harris County bail bonds, for this reason, a tour or charter is not the place to over-imbibe in alcohol or to act inappropriately in a manner not conducive to the dynamics of the group during the journey. If you are someone who prefers to be introverted and less-engaging, these excursions may not be the best-suited. A common gaffe is to not explore a wide range of travel options, and to find a group or charter that is more congruent with the traveler’s personality, style, and level of engagement.

Solo AdventuresSolo adventures

Independent travel is an adventure, but rates are typically higher per person when you are not traveling in a pair. Consider recruiting a like-minded individual to share the costs and benefit from the reduced rate for trips to favorite destinations or exciting new locales. Hostels have come a long way over the years, and these provide clean, inexpensive lodging for individuals across the globe.

Business travel

If you spend a lot of time on the road traveling for business, it can be quite a struggle to ever truly feel comfortable living in a hotel room. Extended stay inns offer the best of both worlds: a clean, modern hotel room with all of the comforts of home. This may include a segregated kitchen area and seating area. These can dramatically impact the cost of eating on the road, and travelers may want to use their per Diem to stock up on groceries and eat-in as much as possible.

Avoid making common travel blunders that can interfere with the enjoyment and costs of your trip. Learn from previous travel mistakes and fine-tune your savvy travel skills!


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